This NASA guys are going mad! See what they are saying after RAILA ODINGA’s swearing in flopped badly on December 12th

Sunday December 17,2017 - ODM Executive  Director,  Oduor Ongwen, has said National Super Alliance (NASA) leader, Raila Odinga, will be sworn in as President in due time.

Addressing journalists on Sunday, Ongwen said the People's Assemblies are not meant to take over the County Assemblies but are meant to give sovereign power back to the people as guaranteed by the constitution.

"We will swear him in…

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  1. Ha,ha,ha!It was only in 2002 when Kenyans were allowed to elect Kibaki. Because Raila said so. A president in Kenya can only be said to be legitimately elected if Raila says so despite our votes. So, what he desires and says ,beats all our votes!!. This is real oppression of Kenyans by one greedy man. Democracy at its worst.
    We want the government to tell us for how long we Kenyans shall have our democratic rights trodden upon by Raila? For how long Raila shall hold our lives at ransom oppressing us even emotionally through constant intimidation and by making our businesses and daily affairs stall. We wonder for how long he will send our children; the poor to die in causeless riots as his own children(the billionaire) continue eating life with a big
    By the way does Orengo have children? Muthama too? Do they go to face the police with the rest of "resist group" due to how serious this matter is?Let us see their children at the front line.Though Raila's at least showed up at the Airport with 2.5 millon worth bullt proof jackets. You see these are the lives that matter;the lives we poor kids must die for. Or it is them we are fighting for? True. Kalonzo's son fits better as an EALA MP than a hopeless one jumping about fighting with police. Luo boys, let us continue wasting our time, and also dying for these precious ones. Their lives and personal ambitions matter so much to us, you see. Ndio Mungu, wana na roho mtakatifu eti. Si Tangu August wametulisha, kutunywesha, kutuvalisha na watoto na wazazi wetu!Si wametuletea maziwa, mafuta na sabuni ya bure! Si wametoa magari ya kusafirisha pesa kwa tunaowatumia badala yetu kutumia Safaricom ili biashara zetu zisikwame!Si wametulipa ghali kwa siku tunazorukaruka barabarani. Si vita vikizuka tutaingia nao na watoto wao kwa ndege tutorokee ng'ambo! Sawa. Bring it on. Kama mbaya mbaya. Mama yetu Passaris alitushauri. By the way tumeshirikiana na watoto wake(ana watoto vijana) barabarani kwenye 'resist' na "kama mbaya mbaya". Wajua hata ukifa, na 'baba' akachangishia matanga na kuhudhuria mazishi, nakulia machozi matakatifu mortuary, na kujengewa sanamu na minara ya ukumbusho ni kama hujafa. Ni kama wazazi wako na wanao hawajafiwa.
    Kweli wajinga ndio waliwao.
    Kweli wajinga ndio waliwao sio werevu na wanao.

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