This is what NIS has told UHURU to do if RAILA ODINGA swears himself as President on 12th - This is dangerous!

..State House sources, NIS recommended the arrest and prosecution of the NASA leader if he goes ahead with his plan to swear himself in as President of Kenya.

The penal code says anyone who tries to form a Government contrary to the Constitution could face charges of sedition.

He will also face charges of undermining a legitimate Government and treason which is punishable by death.

Despite a warning from the Government, the former Premier’s defiant allies are charging ahead with plans to swear him as the People’s President in the National People’s Assembly.


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  1. are stating the did you access state security secret briefs.Dummy

  2. If he really won as he claims why did he not swear himself soon after 8/8?

  3. Desperados. Swearing in my foot. RAO is the Riek Machar of Kenya?

  4. Living in denial. He can go on and swear himself as anything.

  5. Tom Mboya alikufa, Ouko alikufa, Kenya bado iko........NKT...

  6. Raila is tired of life without presidency. He is committing suicide and needs assistance.

  7. kweli forskin mskes big men behave like boys....jinga

  8. RAO greedy man who doesn't care about the life of his own poor. They will remain poor until raila dies. The luos have eyes but they don't see, they have ears but they don't hear. it seems raila is their god let them continuing being poor forever.

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