The People‘s President RAILA ODINGA to address the nation on Friday - See the surprise he has for UHURU/ RUTO again

…that Raila Odinga who is fondly referred to as the 'People’s President 'will  start pushing for secession on Friday.

“It is now apparent that the dialogue illusion was just a mere contigency measure deployed by the western envoys and the religious leaders to counter the 'swearing-in' of President Raila Odinga,” said one key NASA leader

"The possibility of the Jubilee Government addressing the 'election injustices' seems to have diminished.”

“The envoys and religious leaders are out too”

“NASA is currently left with a single card, secession,” the leader added.


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  1. Nonsense, Kenya cannot and will never be cut up to accommodate a single power hungry individual.

  2. Can the court tell us what these serious electoral injustices(If not mistakes are). When Raila fails to get what he wants "by hook or crook" everyone else is wrong in his eyes and he never tires creating euphoria, lies and inciting propaganda around that.
    now IEBC is wrong, Kenyans(except his thoughtless followers) are wrong, the West is wrong for not giving in to his childish, selfish whims, Maraga's court is wrong except when it ruled in his favor. Who is not wrong except him? The world rotates around his heartbeat.

  3. Let them secede. Hii upuzi tumechoka nayo.

  4. Hiki kimutu kinataka nini? Hii ni subua kabisa. Atafutiwe psychiatrist amupime akili cause this is just abnormal behaviour. He thinks without him in the lead nchi itaisha ama nini? Majority ya citizens wamemkataa kabisa.

  5. Raila should ask for his peck and leave politics.

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