SOSSION says the 2017 KCSE results were fake! MATIANGI should resign because he is busy destroying our kids’ future

..deliberate attempt to force more students to join tertiary institutions,” said Matiangi.

An agitated Sossion also questioned where the more than 300,000 students who did not attain the minimum university entry grade of C+ (Plus) will go to.

“The reduction in the number of students joining universities is an indicator of disaster.”

“Something is wrong, and that is why Matiang’i is trying to do away with unions," he said.

Sossion’s sentiments were echoed by the KUPPET Secretary General, Akelo Misori, who also termed the outcome of the 2017 KCSE a disaster and even claimed that the results were released when marking had not yet been concluded.


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  1. Can Sossion desist completely from politicking with the lives of our chiuldren. He has been worth no good at all in adding value to Kenya's education because like Raila he will do politics with everything for his own stomach. What is this backward kind of thinking that everyones destination should be university!Why does he want to make our youth believe that university is the only vehicle to success!Can he take statistics of great inventors and investors in history to date and tell us how many university degrees each has and what prestigious universities each attended. I am not undermining the importance of a good education but, we cannot all be expected to reach one particular level to be relevant or successful.
    Sossion is the little monster that is wrecking our children's future by the reckless meaningless statements he keeps making to render himself relevance for political mileage. Worse still, he is responsible with others(He and Odinga being brain boxes) for all the unending workers strikes in this Nation.Academic days skipped and deaths due to doctors and nurses strikes and all just for political gain.
    Shaitani ashindwe!
    This man is loathsome,detestable.

  2. Dr. Matiang'i talked of cartels that had invaded the education system. Sossion gives us reasons to believe that he is part of cartels as he never speaks anything that can help our children. One wonders what he stands for; quality education or quantity. He gives a picture of one of those who were dishing out As to students who are now a frustrated lot. Sossion talks trash so as to be able to get attention from the media at the expense of quality education. A teacher who thinks with his mouth is a disaster; that what Sossion does. He does not think about our children or quality education. Now that Dr. Matiang'i and KNEC Chairman closed all the loop holes which benefited him, he has decided to keep on talking rubbish to try and dilute all the reforms that Kenyans have been waiting for. Education is not about a whole class getting As and going nowhere after that; its about having a student who is well molded in his/her reasoning, understanding, expressions and how that student has internalized what has been taught. From 2015 backwards, we have a bunch of students who cannot reason on very simple matters courtesy of people like Sossion, who believe that students have to get As to succeed in life. Sossion is a noisemaker who thinks about himself, and who has nothing to offer our precious children. All he knows is to lead teachers out of class and yell about poor results when actually, the results are the best we have ever had in many year that KNUT (Which does nothing but to stand with rapist teachers and Sossion never talks about it) has been in existence. He should shut up and let Dr. Matiang'i and KNEC Chairman crush all the cartels KNUT (and him) succeed in creating. We are in another century where noise making yields nothing. Reason and action is what is going to make us free our children from cartels led by Sossion. What Sossion should be doing now is giving Dr. Matiang'i the list of teachers (his name being the first)who have thrown our childrens' future in the toilet from 2015 backwards, so as they can be dealt with severely! He has nothing to offer to this great country. Ashindwe. To Dr. Matiang'i, kindly shift your focus to private schools coz some of them dont use course books. Instead, they make use of past papers from January to the end of the year yet parents have bought books which lay idle in school bags and desks.

  3. Shame on you Sossion, Matiangi has been on the warpath sacking and pursuing lazy and absentee teachers, the exam sellers and cartels, while yours is to protect the whole lot with the sole aim of reaping from their subscriptions to your union (read stomatch). Watch this space, your exit is beckoning.

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