Read this about RAILA ODINGA and see why UHURU/ RUTO should be worried, this man is no joke.

…..aunt followed. He would never be allowed to attend any of the burrials.

It was painful. It was Real torture.

He remained in detention without trial.

The government would not allow it. Soon he was transferred to Kamiti maximum prison.

He was taken the torture corner. The isolation block. The detention camp. A prison within a prison.

Here he was daily served with half cooked ugali with vegetable water with a few limp leaves floating around.

And for the first time in two weeks, he was served with food.

The blows to his head dazed him.He fell on the floor and lay there. Rono, a GSU officer, and others jumped from his head to his genitals.

His left leg twisted and was confirmed broken.

He was either going to speak the truth or become a dead meat.

He waited for the end, but it did not come. But still Odinga refused to give in.

He was dramatically detained .All this time without trial.

In February 1988, he was dramatically released by President Moi.

He promised to ensure a multi party state.

He promised to end Moi dictatorial regime.

It came to pass.

He is back.. Odinga is back...


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  1. this fools greed started when he was in his mothers womb.he must be the real dracula incarnate

  2. What relevance does this excerpt bring, we know the story for those of us who were there admin what are you trying to provoke?

  3. tell that to the birds of bondo

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