ORENGO is rudderless and a big coward - See how he abandoned NASA leader, RAILA ODINGA, in the 11th hour

…meeting, Orengo, who is Raila Odinga’s legal advisor, is said to have gone blank on what should be done after the planned oath taking.

"The question which even Orengo failed to answer was the way forward after the swearing in.”

“He even went quiet about the plans,” a source who attended the meeting told journalists.

Moments before Tuesday's swearing-in, Orengo had claimed that the swearing-in was well anchored within the law.

"The inauguration is well anchored in the law and I will throw a bombshell when Raila takes over,” he bragged on Sunday only to chicken out later.


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  1. Orengo is just a very bad joke the fake walking constitution. He should go back to law school for a refresher course. He has lost baba and even us who do not support baba feel this was not the way to end it. He should have bowed with dignity from the political arena BUT orengo had his own designs of finishing baba so he inherits the position enjoyed by RAO since the demise of his dad.

  2. Orengo's nonsense will haunt Baba Chupi for a long time to come. The parties are funded according to the presidential votes the got. Now, the August election was nullified and hence all we can go for is the November results of which babu Josh got around 70K. As if this is not enough, Airtel is closing doors in Kenya and ther goes the pay bill. Old man Josh may have to swallow his foreskin and go back to Safaricom. Talk of moving foreskin..

  3. Orengobis such a useless lawyer.He never attended any class beyond bachellor degree and certificate from school of law.

  4. looser advisers....greedy advisers....korupt advisers...power hungry advisers will take babu nowhere......but bondo

  5. I wrote here severally that NASA ni NASWA tu and that finally it will be a Tower Of Babel. There we go! This is because when a gang of people sets out to disturb a Nation under God through lies and dangerous propaganda, promoting anarchy just to achieve a few individuals ends, heee, they get nowhere.
    Anyone in that gang had better convert into the gospel of giving constructive truthful criticism on the government, checking the government officials against excesses that are evident at times, for this country to develop at the speedy pace it is worth.
    The opposition in this country for the past few decades is surely to blame for underdevelopment because of engaging in politics of personal gratification and hate. It has been under the wrong captain for too long.
    By this same breath, I celebrate the fact that the Luo nation and Kibra are finally emancipated from Odingaism. They can now think and act without fear, work, save invest, stop stoning their own land and elsewhere for Raila, and instead, engage in productive activities to move on. Yes, moving on we must. Or what would we be waiting for instead!
    Our beloved president must crack the whip harder on corruption in every department of government including the police force, NTSA public schools, hospitals etc. We also do not see what makes it difficult for us to know how the NYS left the banks to end up in sacks with the likes of Kabura. Who signed the monies out?
    Kenya iendelee, na kwa kasi-chini ya JEHOVAH.

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