MIGUNA MIGUNA abuses MARAGA and tells him to explain to Kenyans why he upheld UHURU/ RUTO’s fraudulent win

..October 26th presidential elections, over 25 constituencies did not participate in the election which they termed as a sham.

Miguna now questions why Maraga and his team upheld Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory and 25 constituencies did not participate in the poll.

This is for the despotic surrogates; "legal puritans;" "objectivists;" and "neutral worshippers": Explain how it's constitutional & legal for @dkmaraga and the #wakoranetwork to disregard Art. 138(2) that requires that presidential elections MUST be held in every constituency?'' Miguna posed.

Miguna is currently hiding in Canada.


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  1. The 25 constituencies that never voted could not add an ounce to the weight hence Maraga dismissed them and by the way they were not ready to vote.The IEBC was ready to take the officially but the were denied the access.The criteria that was used to upheld Uhuru's election was the same criteria that was used to nullify his election because it was the same CJ Mr. Miguna Miguna.You celebrated let the others celebrate too.

  2. You mean surrogate look for another vocabulary that is very simple Mr. Miguna.

  3. Miguna and others misled Raila and now they are regretting. I do not know why Raila relied on the legal advice of the likes of Miguna whom we have never seen representing any client in Kenyan courts. Does Miguna even understand the Kenyan laws and constitution? Why did Raila ignore the legal advice of the highly learned constitutional lawyers like H.E. Kibutha Kibwana! Miguna can use all sorts of English terminologies but the fact is that Raila's last bullet missed the target and no Luo is going to be President of Kenya in a near future.

  4. If there is one useless egocentric man who has absolutely nothing to show for his many years of life in Kenya. It's not enough for Miguna twice to tell us about his legal practice in Canada. We are not privey to his Canada life and it therefore serves no purpose to blablabla Kenyans in Kenya about that Canada portion of his life. We have searched around for what tangible achievements he has in Kenya since he returned to his motherland, Kenya, I mean the original Kenya. Miguna twice has this silly habit of destroying and demeaning people who views digferent from his. This level of effort to destroy others for no good reason demonstrates total lack of wisdom, especially when done on social media and on national tv channels.

  5. No wonder Kajama was tutoring this guy miguna njuguna on matters law. He doesn't seem to grasp much and keep embarrassing himself. That how he lost the gabanatorial race ni hii muchene

  6. Ati lost gubernitorial race? He did not even start the race. With his torn shoes how could he run? He thought his cooked up English could help him. ngo?!

  7. The loud smelly mouthed goon does not understand the Kenyan law at all and he has no jurisdiction to make any comments on our Kenyan law including those mandated to head the Judiciary.Can someone send this goon back to Canada.

  8. Come out of your hiding place you idiot loser

  9. USA/UK and UN wants to intimidate Raila Odinga from swearing him as Kenya peoples elected President who won The 8th August 2017 in Kenya but rigged and hijacked by Jubilee Uhuru Kenyatta and by refusing to open servers. This USA /UK and UN conspiracy must be resisted.Kenyans Cannot forget and move on this time its no!The bangi smoker went ahead to congratulate police and Mungiki for Killing luos and their babies.

  10. Baba Moi, Ulifinya Rao ukawacha Miguna, Tutaanzia wapi?

  11. Can Miguna explain how his lord opted out of the presidential race without filling form 24A? If Raila won of 8/8, why did they not swear him and he opted for a re-run, why didn't he stick to the figures his fellow despots claimed to have scored in that race? Miguna know too well that Maraga has no time for warped brains like yours.

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