MARAGA speaks about RAILA ODINGA’s swearing in and the fate of UHURU/ RUTO! This man is not a joke!

..had not received any formal communication from NASA about the inauguration.

“The Judiciary has not been notified on the inauguration ceremony planned by the Opposition Party," said Chief Registrar of the Judiciary, Anne Amado, said.

Raila, who never participated in the repeat of the October 26th presidential elections, told his supporters in Kayole that he will swear himself in because he won the August 8th election.

“I am not a coward, I will be sworn as President on Jamhuri Day, I am the legitimate President,” said Raila.


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  1. The self swearing statement by Raila at a Kayole village was just out of frustration and too much pressure from an expectant support base. This statement is heavy and even NASA principals were taken by surprise. The few young hot blooded NASA guys are the ones taking advantage to sell the plan and push for Raila to take oath of office as he stated. The question is then what next? It's a question no one can give an authoritative answer because they do not think medium to long term and the full impact of such an action. NASA has to recognize there is a new government and a president in town with his full mandate and powers. Recklessness ended on Nov 28, when Kenyans were given their elected president. Anything else is just hot air!

  2. Admin why mix information, fala

  3. ati...he will be sworn in....kweli hana akili.....he was happy 8th august elections were annulled now want to swear with result that show was looser.......i agree with Mp Kuria....this babu shud be finished politically..

  4. Nyani ako na ukundu red atakuwa prezo ya malaya family yake...yawa..

  5. This bus Was determined in all means to hurt me in Mombasa RD near Machakos Junction 4 KN 27(Kenya navy)the Driver kept on flushing me as he was behind.He even tried to overtake me from left and tried to push me to the opposite side. Police saw all these and could not even stop the Bus so Wakubwa wake if it happens you see this deal with coz its a disaster in waiting

  6. ni Tuesday, na uhuru hashituki!tunangoja polepole and wish you luck ! Prof mwamaka

  7. Not all mad people remove their clothes. Some dress well, ride expensive cars and eat in expensive hotels. We dont have to see someone on a hospital bed to know they are sick. We need to just listen to them and watch those who surround them. You dont cling to what is dead; August 8 presidential elections were nullified; meaning even the runners-up is not valid. What is rao holding on?? Which section in the CoK 2010 is he going to use to be sworn in and as president for which people? Kenya ni moja na si nguo ati itagawanywa!!!! Let him stop lying to gullible followers.

  8. Unajua Raila ni kama mtoto wa between age 2 and 4. These kids believe everything good and everything they desire is theirs. If they don't get it, they throw stupid reckless tantrums that do not put anything or anyone else into consideration. They can even harm themselves in the cause of this.
    See how the constitution of this country and politics keep going helter skelter because they have never delivered to Raila his coveted position. This make us all his slaves.

  9. crazy thought

  10. there is this mpesa AGENT IN Langatta that refuse to serve people from certain tribe. they will straight up show you madharau bila kuficha. Really a hurting thing to witness. AGENT 09666 (faricom) NEXT TO LANGATTA POST OFFICE. their numbers:

  11. Rao is running away from MOU and keep Nasa busy and intact

  12. Raila is very frustrated, isnt thinking straight. and just like confused and thick heads they have been made to be, His bewitched followers follow him without reasoning. Get is right in your thick heads, the constitutional Kenyan President's post has already been occupied, so Raila can only swear himself as the illegal president of Nyanza. I Pity him and his selfish ambitions

  13. Ati swearing himself in as the President of Kenya? hio ni mnyambo wa punda!!!!!

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