Kenya Police are worse than dogs! See what they were doing to DAVID NDII’s wife and under wears! This is wrong

…help police check her clothes since she was not ready to show them her inner wears in the name of searching for whatever they were looking for.

Ndii's wife said she asked the police if they wanted to see her panties, they should check them themselves.

"I had unpacked my suitcase so they could see those are ladies clothes.”

“My underwear’s were on top so there is no way I was going to show my underwears six, seven in the room.”

“So if you want to do that you check," she said.

She said some of the police officers were sniffing her inner wears like dogs and wondered 
what type of police Kenya has.


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  1. Shes talking rubbish. Why call policemen dogs and they are the ones guiding you. sytle up madam and dont behave like a mad woman.

  2. we have the best police officers in kenya.its people like you and your devilish husband and his cordiot friends who behave like dogs.

  3. My sincere sympathy with you Judy Mwende Gatabaki Ndei for tha trauma you and your daughter had to through as David was on the receiving end for just doing what he loves most, strategy formulation to resolve problems that are face as a country. I do not wish to comment on the issue of David's arrest since it's still a matter under police investigation and the matter is alive in a court of law.

  4. what Mwende you do not know, men hide much from women, by the time u wake up, you find your children in shame, lost and society abandons you, best thing for you, watch and pray , no insults

  5. annon 9:25, i wish we had more sober minds around here... you made my morning.

  6. Ah ati we have the best police in Kenya,dont make me laugh.You have a Police officer who thinks he is intelligent by the name owino and he has no idea what police work means,you have a PPO of Nairobi who thinks he is the creator so he decides who live and who dies,you have ocpds who's only job description is to pokea hongo from junior officers,you have DCIO'S who think there work is to wear black suits,carry radio calls and go to the office waiting to take figure prints of people they have tortured to confess crime they did not commit,you have DTO'S who wake up everyday thinking they are traffic lights as to the red means go and green means stop and you have Ap's who have no idea if they are administrators or are police as there is no guidance from there boss,you find that Kenya police are giving them instructions as if they are superior.All in all Kenya police are the worst you can find,corrupt with impunity,a disgrace to society,not dependable,like free things,killers,liars,users,there friendship is based on you giving them money even if your business has all the legal statutory documents.

  7. There are police officers from soweto code name soweto 5 who have a habit of stealing from the public,kill innocent and plant toy pistols or a real gun from the armory travelling in a white probox.there is an inspector at umoja chief camp under administration police who things he is the law.issue threats to pub owners if they dont give him money he will make sure he drives them out of business,goes round each morning with a mercedence benz collecting money from pubs pretending he is collecting intelligence report,drives a vehicle which has congo number plates and hides the vehicle as it is not registered and this is an officers who knows the law.give bribe to senior officers namely Mburu under Ap command to retain him as the incharge umoja.

  8. The police have a job to do its never a happy job to carry out at the best of times ,if you bluntly refuse to work with the police they will forcible work against you ,this woman got angry after her husband was arrested and decided not to work with the police thus her words are not to be taken seriously and depends on what the police is investigating and it is deemed necessary to sniff your panties i will expect them to carry out their duty . So lady just shut up and assist the police the best you could and you them and the country will be happy and safer.

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