BOYCHILD, December is here and this is what you should be doing instead of spoiling slay queens.

..ready ku-settle na waskizane, then no problem.

Although I wouldn't advise.

Nothing personal but madame hio age are too messed up by life, failed relationships, ma-sponyo, motivational-quotes, sijui upuzi ya “boss lady” , mother-hen attitude saa zote ni ma-lecture kama za Wini Nkinda, etc. Ma-sumbua tu.

With the money you save from the Slay-Queen fund, mujue Mama yako anapata 10%, Nyakundi 10% na hio ingine una-save for investment.

Bora tu usinunue ma-plot za Maina Kageni sijui PRC. 

Hizo ni Sakata! Hayo ni mapepo!

Kuanzia next year, ni mimi huyo na ma-hashtag mpaka ndom ikuwe legalised! Semeni mo-fayah!

Orders from the Office of the President/ Commander-in-Chief, Boychild Defense Forces.

Cc. Regional Commanders.

Comment hapo chini na useme mtaa ile uko.


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  1. marvellous advice to masponyo na ma-slay queen......if ua single its higher time and opportunity to look for one manze dec watu wote wako ocha dont miss that chance...

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