After attacking KIUNAs and the boy child, now NJOKI CHEGE goes after UHURU – She is touching a live wire

…given State commendations to deserving candidates like the Kenyan doctors who did a successful operation on twins.

"I would like to take this opportunity to join hands with thousands of Kenyans who question the formula that President Uhuru Kenyatta used to determine the calibre of Kenyans to award the Head of the State Commendation.'' Njoki said on Saturday.

She concluded in her charged piece that President Uhuru Kenyatta awarded people who didn't deserve it like Githeri man, framing the standards as those between mediocrity, patchiness and unevenness.

"Leadership dictates that you are the President of all Kenyans, including those who don't agree with you.”

“There are people who are making you look bad and making a mockery of your Presidency yet you have a legacy to secure.”

“However, it is not too late to do the right thing.”

“You can still make every Kenyan to wear a national medal. Please do.'' Njoki ranted.


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  1. Give Njoki a medal. She is part of every Kenyan.
    Seriously, we are just too much used to giving commendation to already famed people, forgetting ordinary Kenyans who stand out in significant ways like being resilient at the voting que(even if it means embarrassing oneself with githeri), till one demonstrates exercise of a democratic right albeit unknowingly.
    This is the day of the common man and we had better get used to it. A new way of looking at things. Tusidharau the likes of Githeri man who are the majority in Kenya.
    Let us also not be vain and extremely analytical, stoning every turn. This gets us nowhere.

  2. Kwani hii state commendation ni suruali lazima kila mtu avae kwendeni uko

  3. What your problem Njoki? Those people you've mentioned are they not Kenyan's? Envey is devils idea's, run my sister.

  4. kudos to that bold lady who can tell the king that his nakedness is showing;rather than be sycophant like akina..........

  5. Enter your comment...stupid journalist cheza ligi yako

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