UHURU’s Brookside hit hard by NASA boycott - They are literally begging customers (PHOTOs)

Wednesday, 08 November 2017 - It seems NASA’s call to their supporters to boycott certain products is bearing fruits.

The opposition called on their supporters to boycott Safaricom, Bidco and Brookside products claiming that the owners support electoral malpractice.

While Safaricom is putting on a brave face, Brookside has been hit hard and they are even giving special offers to attract customers.

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  1. This is fake and trash news. Brookside's bottomline will not be dented if that was baba evil desire or strategy that is misguided by orengonomics. It would have been wise to condult ndei for help with the micro shocks rather than try shallow sea fishing for dolphins not knowing they are not omena. Right now as we checked, there export orders that Brookside is servicing to Dubai and the demand is quite high such that export volume has been raised by 3000 cubic meters three times a week. Brookeside will therefore not collapse at all. Baba is himself a relatively big dairy farmer by Siaya standards and he knows milk is just a raw product and material for many other by products with a huge demand may be not in the Nyanza region but it's not the case elsewhere. UK cannot loose sleep over nothing and in any event, Brookeside is a family business with many smart players who run it 24X7 and can adapt to shocks such as political evil with no problem at all. The Middle East in addition East & Central Africa is a huge consumer of Brookside award winning quality products and you will find these being served in flights in and around the region.

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