UHURU will wish MARAGA nullified his win! See what RAILA is planning for him in 5 days’ time! He is planning in Tanzania

...is not over until it over.

“Jubilee will go on with what they believe is right as we in NASA go on with what we believe is right.”

“We are not losing momentum.”

“We are enjoying the best moments we have ever had at the moment,” Magaya said.

“This election is not over until it is over.”

“Jubilee will taste what we have been saying in the next 7 days.”

“Our resolve is so firm, I don’t see how Jubilee will survive this,” he said.

Magaya intimated that they might even swear in Raila Odinga as President in a parallel event.


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  2. magaya is just a bootleaker of the old gadget, so there is nothing you are telling Kenyans. shut your stinking mouth.

  3. Who is this arsehole by the name Magaya he is trying so hard to make a political mileage yet his own feces has never left Nairobi what a failure????

  4. To invoke Gods name after stealing an election and arm-twisting the supreme court thereafter killing innocent Kenyans is the height of hypocrisy of the highest caliber, Mugabes came sooner than ours

  5. Go on Magaya, yell, threaten, yes keep it up, blow the wind and all you will harvest is dust. That mouth will soon land you in jail. You have become your bosses mouthpiece. The sooner you shut up the better because you are heading nowhere. Keep dreaming.

  6. swear him in and then take him to which statehouse?

  7. Norman Magarian Llb is young learned but unwise ODM desk officer in his maiden job of pushing papers in the orange house and ocassional appearance in KTN tv talk shows on behalf of ODM, which the heart and brain the breaths life in NASA. No body lawyer or not should give Norman a cubic inche of attention which he does not deserve. It's like entertaining a house fly to donate blood in the name of saving human life. He may disagree with the Maraga court decision but he and the institution he claims to talk for cannot overturn and Odungo nor Characha neither Ogula can help, not this time. ODM took the petition no.2 of 2017 very casually and belived it could ride on the events of peition no.1 of 2017 and used proxies Boss and the CSO front mirror to present its grievance to the Supreme Court and expexting the novice legal team looking for fame was up to the task.Their preparation was substandard but to their mind the went to demand all sorts of stuff under the guise of 'right to information' in the interest of the public but forgot to state clearly what it is they wished for. All they argued about was scrutiny through to IEBC IT system and information by accessing the data.period. The court was like before fair and granted the prayer. The rest is history and here where they blew up the engine. This was a double trajedy for the conjoined twin petition. So, with due respect Norman has nothing to offer. The so called bomb to be blasted in the next few days is as empty as its designer. We have always been made to wait a deadly statement and when it fanally come, it's laughable.

  8. hahahaha. You are day dreaming. Continue for as long as you want and cry your head crazy.All your evil schemes against peace loving Kenyans will never see the light of the day.

    We are doe with elections until 2022. Fresh elections only exist in your thick head. Go jump in the sea if you are disgruntled but KENYA WILL MOVE ON.

    We have better things to worry about and deal with as a country. Better still if you are not happy to be ruled by UHURUTO please go into self imposed exile until Uhuru's term expires.

    Your backward politics have made people suffer including our brothers in Kisumu who follow the likes of you blindly.

    Wewe wacha zako bwana. We are dead tired of people like you.

  9. Perhaps swear Him in Magufuli's premises, then he becomes president of Tanzania.

  10. 5days is not a long wait, we are waiting to see and I hope we will not be disappointed. Baba promised Tsunami among other major announcement but it was just a passing wind.

  11. Swear Raila? Maybe swear him not with the bible but a tear gas cannon

  12. witness no. 1 when icc takes the case from maraga.magaya you have succeeded in putting the big gap between uhuruto than any one else have done. you wanted to defeat justice now your killing democracy. you cheated baba to pullout from the race now is out looking for a better planner than you. once the true picture will come out ,the blame will be upon you. hope you are not trying to ware babas shoes while he is away. tear our country as much you can God is washing you.

  13. I don't think RAO is as stupid as Magaya to agree to be sworn as he knows that is treason.

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