UHURU is begging me to have dialogue with him – RAILA ODINGA reveals and says President KENYATTA is a coward!

..discussions and keeps sending emissaries to that end,” Raila said.

“He is totally out of touch with Kenyans and those are my views.”

“His biggest concern was that dignitaries came for coronation not to see the depth of opposition to him that the memorial service would have made," Raila added.

The former Premier, who seemed agitated, maintained that for dialogue to take place, Uhuru must be ready to discuss issues surrounding electoral injustice in the country.


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  1. Injustices? His. He will bargain for his piece of bread and that of his lieutenants. The holloi polloi watakula huu. That's politics.

  2. ok . even if he is desperado , and your are intouch with mwanainchi please have a sitting and square things out, that can redeem ur nationalist face!

  3. When Raila was caned in Kwale, I wrote it was a sign of the things to come, Now here We are heheheeeeeee

  4. People dont realize Raila game plan. he knew very well that he couldnt beat Uhuru but he kept everyone Guessing . his plan is 2022 when Uhuru steps down . they had an MOU way back in 1963. just wait and see. Kikuyu will start fighting Ruto and that will be an easy win for RAO he will only be 77 yrs . younger than when Mandela took over South africa and will only run for 1 term and leave a legacy ... u will remember this post 5 years from now.

  5. Indeed, we agree. Uhuru should be more desperate for the dialogue to end your madness Raila because when citizens suffer, he feels it. He feels it when you continuously lead people to death.

  6. raila presidency,
    Not in a million years!

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