State House in panic as RAILA set to travel to Zimbabwe after MUGABE was deposed in a bloodless coup

..regime in Zimbabwe has already invited Raila Odinga and that he would gladly attend the function.

Orengo said that this will send a warning to the remaining African dictators that their time is up.

“10 years ago, when Mugabe was President of Zimbabwe, he warned Raila Odinga never to set foot in his country,”

“but now he is a criminal and Raila Odinga has been invited to the country to attend the handing over of power to the new regime.”

“He will go there,” Orengo said in Swahili.


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  1. zimbambwe is insignificant to kenyas leadership.He was chased from America only to be invited in zimbambwe?what a big change of desires on the senile LOP?

  2. Orengo, plse leave us alone. Go to Zimbabwe and don't even come back. You make us so tired!

  3. Sick head Orengo, nothing there to scare State Hose. Raila is a global trotter since he has a lot of luxury money. The dictatorship you see in Kenya is just the sickness i your heads for decades because you want to rule.
    You are both old men now and your other principals too.You have all held very senior positions in government at different times, yet, not a single one of you can point at any God's blessed thing you have ever done even to a single person in in this Kenya, let alone Kibra, Nyanza or Western. So, how all over sudden do you become the saints that will take people to Canaan! Let Kenya go -greedy pharaohs or the Lord is dealing with you soon. Set Nyanza and Kibra free. Stop attempting to captivate Western and Eastern.
    Enough is enough.Thugs!

  4. Let see him attend. But mugambe is still in power. Much as we do not agree with his policies, we do not entertain coupes in African or anywhere else for that matter. There are constitutional ways of getting power. Two Orengo has become the squiler in Animal farm. Trying to mouth things that do not exist to look relevant after misadvising baba in a number of occasions including the last one of boycotting the Oct 26th rerun. That was the stupidest thing to do.

  5. let him go there and learn that it is not a must that pple die, he is so fond of seeing the blood of his supporters shed

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