RAILA says the only dialogue he can have with UHURU is free and fair election in 90 days, not any other nonsense!

..dialogue on only one agenda; free, fair and credible elections.”

“When they are ready for us to sit at the table and discuss that and agree to a framework of conducting free elections that meet the tenets of the law then we are ready,”

“Otherwise, we are not a party to any dialogue that seeks to sweep things under the carpet...' said Magaya.

Magaya’s sentiments came hours after President Uhuru Kenyatta assured Kenyans that he was ready for dialogue that would help the country move forward.


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  1. Hio ni yake. Ajiongeleshe akichoka atalala. When will he come to his senses? Parrot Magaya you can keep making all the noise you want but the end is still zero.

  2. Bwana Raila please be informed that we Kenyans are tired of elections. The only election we will participate in large numbers is for a referendum to reduce the number of counties, do away with senators, do away with women reps, and expand the national government.

  3. Anonymous 08:23 I agree with you 100% next round should be elections to reduce these irrelevant seats that are increasing wage bill yet are repetition of work that cannot be accounted for. Deputy this, deputy that, etc, all useless posts

  4. magaya is just a loner, mpango wa kando alimtoroka na yeye hana viza ya kufika huko!!!

  5. Raila you are still thinking of dialogue????jesus christ kenya has moved on.who told you that we are always ready for elections anytime you wish?we are busy people go have election in your house with your family!!!you had your chance on 26 and what did you do with it!!!

  6. I concur with ANON 08:23 and 08:55. We need to reduce the positions and counties. Maximum 12-15 counties. Then we reduce further the parks in those remaining offices and raise the minimum wages especially in towns where some families are barely surviving

  7. why not do away with the presidency

  8. Michael Sawe @01:47 are you stupid or something? Presidency is the symbol of unity. Senators and Women Reps are the ones who should go. The counties are also so many. make them 10 powerful ones. Maybe Raila can be elected president of one these counties and make it his country iliawache upuzi.

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