RAILA ODINGA tells UHURU and his MUNGIKI police to kill him but don’t kill his supporters! They are innocent

…prison...take him to jail...And if you want to shoot, shoot Raila!”

“But don't kill people with young families...”

“Children are going to grow without fathers, mothers because you have killed their parents at this age," said Raila.

Raila’s return from the US was marred with violence when Raila’s supporters defied a ban to receive him at JKIA.

Over 18 Luos were slaughtered by police and Mungiki during his procession that started at JKIA to CBD.


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  1. What does anybody benefit with by killing you Raila; Why are you so concerned about those who died on Friday and not the distraction your people caused to others by burning their properties- aren't these parents with children ama watoto ni wajaruo to.You have forgotten the many that died in August 1982 due to your thirst for power? .Your own goons have destroyed Kisumu but haven't heard you comment about it. Why cant you leave Kenyans alone- we need peace ; all these killing and lose of properties couldnt have happened if you could have been wise enough to realize Kenyans have rejected you.The blood of innocent Kenyans will be upon you.Wacha kunjifanya eti uko na huzuni.!

  2. Raila, no one is killing these young men but you. You create a situation where you are sure they will confront police to die so you have statistics and publicity as you try to ride to power.
    Even when you raise funds for those killed, they are still dead for your sake-greed for power.
    You secure your own children with costly bullet proof jackets amidst-no, besides these others whose lives are just worth dieing for for you and your children; to gain more wealth ,power and glory.
    Raila, you are the most atrocious man in modern history:driven by evil every minute, yet pretending you fight for Kenyans.
    What makes you think you would make the best president for this Nation. What are your past records besides saying you are a freedom fighter!Yet, dictatorship(even in your party), crony ism,nepotism,violence, retrogressive thinking,deceit, egotism and cunningness are your hallmarks.
    You are the devil that God has kept out of the presidency of this Nation.

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