RAILA ODINGA is set to make a major announcement on Saturday - The whole world will be SHOCKED!

Thursday November 23, 2017 - National Super Alliance (NASA) leader, Raila Odinga, is set to make a major announcement on Saturday that will shock the nation, NASA CEO, Norman Magaya, has said.

According to Magaya, Raila was set to make the major announcement on Thursday but due to the time that he landed in the country on Wednesday, it was pushed to Saturday.

His announcement will...

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  1. No normal thinking Kenyan will be shocked since is usual empty and retarded like talk.......

  2. Obviously it is in public domain he is now with lady ypung enough to be grand daughter as his new catch....idah alihepa....

  3. he can go ahead and declare himself the looser of century and retire for good...

  4. at least we all know he was misled not to participate in 26th October prezo elections.......thus reason crying like sick tired worn donkey....and hanging out with children..

  5. yes...can release book...my experience as kibera mp

  6. Nooo noo....it shud be my life after 2017 uchaguzi in bondo..

  7. Let him dig his own grave and commit suicide that no normal Kenyan will bother to cry about. Even pharaoh followed the children of Israel into the Red Sea thinking he can take them back into slavery, they all drowned into the sea. Only a fool will follow NASA or whatever it is they call it today.

  8. The Major announcement: Though Moi chopped off My Balls, I will replace them with those of a Baboon and take on the Zanzibari

  9. He will shock no one. We are tired of empty promises that take Kenyans nowhere. Stupidity.

  10. childish tantrums that will take him nowhere. his shelf life expired and he will exit the stage with a very tainted image. a comission of enquiry into the 8/8 election will expose to the whole world the kind of a person he is.how does he expect anybody to respect him with the company that he keeps, the johos and jimmy, yak

  11. Well we are waiting for the big munyambo ya punda as usual, big mouth full of shit.

  12. Atasema ...mimi nimetaili shaft na kwa akili .

  13. Atasema....kutoka leo sitaamini uchawi tena....

  14. ohh..babu oqino is hia new night stand..

  15. Ehh hatakuwa akitumia cd vile ako ma yake original in name of kabuti ya ngozi...

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