RAILA ODINGA is set to make a major announcement on Saturday - The whole world will be SHOCKED!

..come two days before President Uhuru Kenyatta’s swearing-in on Tuesday after he was cleared by the Supreme Court last early this week.

Raila jetted out of the country a few hours before the Supreme Court ruling on Monday.

His latest trip came two days after landing in the country from a tour of the US which was marred by chaotic scenes in Nairobi.

Sources said the major announcement will be on how to swear himself as President of Kenya on Tuesday next week.


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  1. ...then what next after the swearing-in skate? Let's try to unbundle Raila's alleged plan obviously designed by his legal locum under Orengo's leadership. Unless this will be about the new peoples' socialist republic it's not provisioned in the Kenya Constitutional order. It might be seen as part of great performance arts or skate. Which way is Raila going physically and psychologically? This is 100 million question begging for one smart answer. The Bill to set up the Peoples' Assembly has of course naturally lost its momentum and the hype it's passing by County Assemblies has fizzled and the hope of it gaining traction. With Raila now much awaited big statement, it's very likely everyone will say 'let's wait and see' first prior to making any move. He has been to Tanzania to consult with his personal pal, the Tanzania president who as we understand convened a mini Eastern Africa conference bringing togther the Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania presidents for briefing by Raila on the October 26 fresh election and the Supreme Court decision. One would ask why would these leaders not consult their official representatives who are ambassadors and high commission chiefs in Nairobi. They would be more reliable than a partisan fellow interested in leadership yet running away from the fresh elections on allegation the field is not even just because his conditions failed. I am very sure the East Affrican presidents are skeptical but will just play along to drain Raila off his pride.

  2. We are tired of these promises of major announcements which later turn out to be nothing.Why wait for Saturday,just announce now.

  3. We are now used to Raila. All he will say is that "my vote was stolen".

  4. We are eager to hear what he was taught by Mwalimu Magufuli na wakali wa Zanzibar about self swearing in.

  5. I Raila will not honour the MOU with Kalonzo

  6. Please Raila, do everything else but dont produce more Evil Offspring with Your new Concubine

  7. this is just hogwash- am in NASA but am tired of all this- you hype us up for a no show. or some small talk. am done- let uhuru lead. Raila am just tired of your ping pong

  8. Just hot air. Why keep postponing this big bombshell or is it statement? Some newly elected nincompoop recently said in the media that the statement was to be done the Friday jakom landed from Dubai after American trip. Nothing was issued. Now magaya says it was to be done yesterday but the Rebel movement leader landed at night. Now it will be sato. Guys issue whatever statements you wish but wise up and stop thinking Kenyans are C=O=W=S. Same rebel brigade in the name of Florence Mutua stated on Wednesday they they will still head to the airport a second time to welcome jakom from his amorous trip in Zanzibar only for him to jet in that night without Mutua and co having an idea. Looks like these sycophants are speaking for themselves to earn bonga points from baba without baba,s authority. What a drag??

  9. Giving a major announcement as who???? Kama ni Junet I will understand he is an MP but this guy is who????

  10. The only thing that will shock us is if RAO retires or hangs himself. Other announcements are usual.

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