MUDAVADI finally clears the air about KALONZO joining UHURU/ RUTO’s Jubilee – Many were not expecting this

..Nairobi hotel, Mudavadi rubbished the rumour and urged NASA supporters to treat it as propaganda.

“The claims that Kalonzo and I intend to leave NASA for Jubilee are not true.”

“Kenyans should ignore the propaganda.”

“We are going to pursue our agenda for electoral reforms in NASA.”

“We do not intend to hold discussions with Jubilee as such discussions will be of no use,'' said Mudavadi.

He maintained that NASA is united and is as solid as a rock and they must deliver Kenyans to the Promised Land.


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  1. Enter your comment...stay in your house. we don't need NASA. uhuruto tosha

  2. The one who title deeds for Israel is coming on Tuesday. So if you want to go to canan please request through our lovely President of the Republic of Kenya Honourable Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta to meet Honourable Netanyahu if he can give you title deeds for Canan.

  3. Has Mudavadi ever displayed any smart idea safe for fathering NASA and then contaminating itvwith naswa hao, nasa huyu, naswa wale? May be, may be not? However, he managed to very well manipulate the luhya through the COTU life General Secy to edge Weta out and claim not just the community's spokesman title but also the point man in NASA run government coming third after Raila of ODM and his running dp. He must be commended for coming out the cold Maragoli den to coin NASA concept and market it successfully to Raila who reigns over the rest and although Weta wa visibly hurt by his brother from the other mother, he surely had no muscle to fight the son of Musa Mudamba in the broad view of uncle Atwoli. It can not also be ignored that Kalonzo's comfort was also disrupted until his potential dp status was reassured. He was however doomed with the 2022 prospect of being the NASA's heir apparent. His suspicion for Muthama as his point man in NASA continues to linger and scare him. He can see Muthama is an academic dwaf in the mercy of Orengo who has by now demonstrated his big eye for Raila's successor in ODM first that could extend NASA if it survives which will depend on whether ODM's demands for him to be the substantive NASA man for the presidential election is accepted by Wiper, ANC and Ford Kenya. If this fails, NASA will crumble and vanish within a day. In sum, Mudavadi can not make it to anything on his own. He has to hang on Raila till Orengo cuts that umbilicol cord that joins them at the Luhya nation's expense.

  4. mudavadi when raila is through with you not even your own wife will be ready to face you. Raila know very well his time is out and doesn't want to go down along.He is taking every body who betrayed him in 2013.midiwo, lost his seat , kalonzo made a beggar-remember him currying an mpesa billboard in public?,mudavadi you are being set against the law,i see you spending so many years in jail.In the mean time ORENGO is happily watching his scheme working.Remember he deliberately mis- advised baba to skip the election so as to destroy him and inherit the rich vote nyanza?Wakati wa malipo ni sasa - baba did the same when they were in ford kenya - ni wakati wa orengo wa kulipisa. watch as the political games unfolds.

  5. Too little too late to join, You are both IRRELEVANT

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