Kenya is ripe for an Egyptian like revolution, we must evict UHURU/ RUTO from State House - Says ODM MP

..police engaged in a seven-hour battle with the protesters as they welcomed NASA leader Raila Odinga back in the country.

The MP said such treatment of NASA leaders is what has made them opt for the People's Assembly.

He warned that the assembly will give people a President they want if the Jubilee administration does not observe the law.

"How do you kill five innocent citizens for exercising their constitutional rights?" he said.

Odhiambo said police should protect the lives and property of citizens rather than "resort to the influence of an illegitimate Government".


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  1. Keep dreaming while the night is still young. As you wake up to be disappointed thay it was but just dream. We know you well but since we also know you were not bestowed with wisdom at birth, relax and enjoy your time in the peoples' assembly. The Egyptian model revolution you have designed will flop before you can wink.

  2. Dont talk of Egypt and Libya coz those placesnit was national while in Kenya revolution is only for nyanza and a few western indivuduals. Therefore stop dreaming with a revolution thay will give you five counties which are against a democratic governnment.

  3. Some people think Kenya is Nyanza...Hahahaha. Why is it that only Jango's are yapping. Raila has no numbers to put him firmly in presidency neither does he have the military power to outdo UHURUTO. if he opts that direction he too will be humbled. He wants power like nothing else matters. More than half of Kenya really do not give a f*ck about you.kale community consists of over 9 tribes, Gema comprise of 4, the Abakuria, Abagusii, are immediate neighbors to migori yet they don't give Rao votes. The issue of 2 tribes against 40 is just a naked lie. Rao amepigana na moi akashindwa, akapigana na kibaki akashindwa tena, Uhuru pia naye akamshinda. Come 2022 Ruto won't be soft on you, you will taste prison once more and Kenya will move on. Rao nkama Mugabe, at last old age will get to you...just like any other mortal....ati amepigania democrasia...ehehehe, people like Martin shikuku did, not you. You only need power which you will continue chasing till you have no more grease. Lastly people don't eat or live on democracy. Libya had a dictator who brought prosperity in his country until people like you brought democracy bulshit and destroyed a country. Democracy may work in western world but in Africa,China,Arab countries it won't. To the L** nation please appoint someone else to take over your political business otherwise the future is soo bleak

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