Is MAGUFULI planning to give RAILA ODINGA an army to swear himself as President - SECRET DETAILS?

..Raila Odinga‘s aide, Magufuli assured Raila Odinga of any assistance he needs to ensure that Kenya is ruled by law but not with an iron fist.

Other sources said Magufuli gave Raila Odinga two armoured cars that he will be travelling in when he returns to Kenya later this week.

NASA leaders have maintained that they will have a parallel swearing-in of Raila Odinga.

They have sworn that they will install their own President on Tuesday next week when President Uhuru will take the oath of office for his second term.


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  1. If he is sworn in Tanzanian soil then automatically he becomes president no. two in there.

  2. Where will NASA have the awearing in of their 'p' and by who will he be sworn in? Who will witness this ritual? Where will he get the 'instruments of power' and from whom? The following day and weeks or moons where will he operate from between his Karen mansion; okoa office in Karen; the Hub mall in Karen or Naivasha max prison not Kamiti no, that's too familiar.

  3. look who is talking dictatorship?...kikiki

  4. mAKURUFi OR WHatever his name is is a small time know, the guy who auctions our cows.

    The guy who goes harrassing small time civil servants and intimidating them.

    That is the guy.

    Uhuru is a cool guy and that is the mistake that dictator raila saw and thought that he'd bully him.

    That Tanzanian individual as well as Raila love one another because they are dictators.

  5. RAO to swear himself president of republic of Kenya? let him try.

  6. swear by who? IDIOTS.

  7. @ humpreys, Nyani haoni.....malizia hiyo

  8. Enter your comment...if raila is sworn in, where will he go after that?__state house or karen

  9. Lile litaku, na likue!!

  10. He has already built a house that resembles statehouse in his home area, which means he planned coup and all other crap long long time ago.

  11. Let STINKING neighbor Magufuli swear Raila in as his deputy or co-president if he thinks he is that good judging by Kibera development record.
    Let not these two cowards underestimate Uhuru and Ruto just for being much younger. They Much more intelligent.
    Magufuli is just a low down thing like Raila.

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