Did RAILA self-exile himself to Tanzania when MARAGA upheld UHURU’s victory? See where he is hiding as 6 NIS officers are arrested

...flee the country again after his chaotic return from the US last Friday.

“The unrest pushed Raila Odinga out of the country.”

“He left Kenya on Sunday night.”

“He is now in Zanzibar off the Coast of the mainland Tanzania,” Lone stated.

The Supreme Court unanimously upheld Uhuru’s victory paving the way for him to be sworn in on the 28th of November.

This comes amid reports from Tanzania that the country’s police force arrested six people believed to be members of Kenya’s Intelligence Service (NIS/) who are said to have been trailing the NASA Leader into Zanzibar.


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  1. He should remain there. Magufuli Pombe may need a successor.

  2. These NASA spokesmen can never be trusted. One time it's this Pakistani American Kenyan who came is on communications credentials, at an other time it is Denis Onyango whos a marwa guy with media training or it' Etale who hangs around the orange house gathering rumors and gossip about RAO from his lovers and the disgruntled lot. RAO had ti dusappear for as it would take to recreate his relevance when he retuns may through the Namanga boarder control point if not the Lunga Lunga boarder control point and quietly sneak back to Joho's hospitality. He will issue his directions in form of dramatic statements that will short of the expectations of his support base. Shutling between Malindi and Mombasa will soon or later bore the coastal population that is or has been say 65% pro NASA. It's not a secret now that the strategists that RAO hired were not up to the game of politics. DNDII to start with is basically a text book found macroeconomist disguised as a political guru or scientist. He was a fun student of Anyan'g Peter Prof. Then there if Jgithongo a man with dubious academic history. After his stint at St. Marys School very little of his education abroad is known. Being a son of an old school auditor Joegithongo he must have gone to one of the US colleges. Then comes bondjigyjigy guy whose papa was a moi era political big wig with lots of wealth. His son was the chief lubricator of RAO and his big NASA dependants. Of course there are many others bad advisors like blue boy jimo and a tyrany of young learned recruits incapable of answering back to jimo the supremo of street protests. That's how and very senior legal minds like Wako, Ojiambo, Rachier would not be instructed to handle anything.So RAO badly bruised and humiliated as his last bullet had been fired but missed the target for the last tim. His dilemma now is what to do with the Kamba whose Kalonzo is the planned heir of the NASA ship. The knly problem is that Cap RAO is not going anywhere as yet for 2022. The western block is not much of an issue. It's an easy one of RAO to handle. Same for the slow moving yellow-yellow of the Joho community.

  3. RAO started his political career violently. He is likely to end it violently.


  5. Nigerian powers didnt work this time, so may be he is trying zanzibar ones!

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