Did RACHAEL SHEBESH shoot her husband? Here is everything revealed from their Kilimani home.

..went, we found out that he had injured his thigh.”

On the same breath, she cautioned Kenyans against speculating and disclosed that her husband is a gun expert.

“He runs a shooting range where he trains people and so he is not a stranger to guns.”

“This was an accident, a genuine mistake and it had nothing to do with politics or tensions in the country.”

Police confiscated the gun (Glock 7 Pistol) with 112 rounds of ammunition as investigations continue over the ‘accident’

Mr. Ambuko was rushed to Nairobi Hospital where the bulled was removed.


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  1. Expert my foot! Which expert in gun-ology does servicing on a loaded gun without first making safe? Secondly, i know of only two kinds that service guns at 6 am or thereabouts, sentries of disciplined forces returning arms to the armory or armed robbers after a night raid. Now i do not know which group man Shebesh belongs to.

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