When you buy tokens for Sh 1,000, Sh 616 goes to taxes – UHURU/ RUTO are f****ing us.


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  1. Honestly i have never understood KPLC billing system since those analog days to date when we are digital. At some point i used to get bills of 20k plus pm and i switched to current token based system and it came down to 5k pap a month! Now you are telling me am still being screwed both ways? When will solar, wind, Biogas and air based power systems come of age and save us poor mortals just like the way SMSes, email, and MPesa buried Posta na ma-telegrams, baruas and money orders. KPLC watch this space, your funeral day is surely coming just as night follows day. Yours will be a slow painful death when you see everyone generating own fuel leaving gaping open mouthed. Shape up and repent now and you just might leave a little bit longer.

  2. Mtajua hamjui,nyinyi ni ngo'mbe na bado Jubilee watawatia kuruka.They have killed the economy na wakikuu wanajifanya kujua.Nyinyi ni maabusu tu na mashamba zenu ni mali ya Kenyatta.

  3. kodi is a necessary evil, handled well will be good for the country in the long run. kodi is worse in the 1st world, but the development and services are great.

  4. mnathani Uhuru anapatia Waiguru pesa kutoka wapi? Wajinga nini, endeleeni tu kusema ati Tano Tena.

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