UHURU’s ‘boy’ BIG TED narrates his battle with weight loss and warns those eating like pigs (READ)

Monday, 02 October 2017 - State House event boss, Thomas Kwaka, better known as Big Ted, has opened up on his battle with weight and offered valuable insight on why people should watch their weight before it is too late.

After trying every trick in the weightless book to no avail, he resorted to a gastric bypass surgery which cost him a tidy Sh700, 000.

He spoke to a local magazine on his weight loss struggle.

Growing up, I was a lean, lanky boy. Though tall, standing at a towering 6 4′, my weight was not much of a problem until I cleared Form Four.

Staying at home and feasting on mummy’s delicacies while bumming at home led to weight gain. Around this time, I joined a certain band, working as a ‘roadie’.

My work was basically helping with the equipment. Since we were two Teds in the group, I was branded ‘Big Ted’ since I was a really big guy. One doesn’t realise they are adding weight; it slowly creeps on you and is usually brought to your attention by others.

My weight gain was slowly becoming a nightmare. I tried working out but to no avail. I must have tried every diet there is around.

The kilos kept piling up and my suits were a humongous size 68! Obesity comes with many challenges.

I also broke a chair at a friend’s wedding and...

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