UHURU reveals how RAILA ODINGA tried to use witchcraft on him and RUTO but it backfired badly

..use witchcraft, violence and intimidation to stop the October 26th repeat Presidential election but it failed and he still defeated them.

“He (Raila) used violence, intimidation and witchcraft to stop the election but God was on our side.”

“He saw us through and we defeated him again just like in August,” Uhuru stated.

The President confirmed that 90% of those who voted for him in August turned out to vote for him again in October 26th.


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  1. except for those areas violence took the order rendering the 10% unable to go and vote. Be an enemy of kikuyus and never utathamaka hii kenya. wemgine watathamaka kama wewe una salivate tu. 2022 Ruto kumi, in the state house

  2. NCCK shud fire their partisan SG karanja for trying to bring isdues on behalf of satanic forces.....SG of Ncck shud cease using his post to bring his personal agendas......poor donkey karanja he cannot fit in shoes of Ex Ncck Musyimi.....

  3. We need an answer on who killed Msando.Juma.Nkaiseri and the rest.He who kills will never find peace and we are seeing it.

  4. I am a staunch Christian but what I can say for now is NCCK is sacrificing us to the devil!! I can say that with authority. What does the NCCK want Uhuru to dialogue with Raila? What is the agenda? Can't the NCCK convince Raila to stop behavious of a spoilt child he is? He is old enough to know and accept realities. Tell him to check and cut his ego. How come Raila is always rigged out in all elections? It is high time we are told the truth. Is NCCK among the dark forces that are tormenting Kenya? Rev. Karanja, what do you want Uhuru and Raila to dialogue? Kama baya, baya. If Raila want to bring chaos to this great nation, let him bring it on.

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