UHURU is harassing me! WANJIGI after 72 hour siege in his Muthaiga house! Were it not for RAILA…..

Wednesday October 18, 2017 - Nairobi businessman, Jimmy Wanjigi, has for the first time, spoken on the 72-hour raid, siege and attack on his palatial home in Muthaiga, Nairobi.

Addressing the press on Wednesday, Wanjigi termed the three day lockdown by officers drawn from the paramilitary General Service Unit, Directorate of Criminal Investigations and Special Crimes Prevention Unit as “absolute persecution”

He said he is an…

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  1. Uhuru will be the worst president in kenyas history.
    Angalau ata Moi alikuwa mzuri for a least 10+ years before 1990s.
    But Uhuru atahakumarisa miaka 3 akareta wezi wakina waiguru na dada zake na akina Beth Mugo wakaiba kila kitu within 4 years. ata sija ongea mambo ya ulevi na madawa na mungiki. useless president.

  2. Did i hear this guy say 'struggled' to build this mansion? Does he even know what that word means in real terms! Join politics man, that is the only sure fire way of matching the politburo bigwigs at their terms. Billions has never been a panacea to political trouble though it helps. It is power, siasa power that is hard currency in this game. Ask Mzee Wanjigi and Mzee Matiba, they will tell you that for free. It is nice to be a power-broker, financier etc but once the ones you have financed are backed to a corner as the UruRuto duo have been, they will turn and maul their benefactors - yep by use state organs legally or often -illegally. You just tasted that, Do you feel me now Jiggyman? Set your cause wisely going forward, chest thumping won't do here, you will be the loser. Ruto I is playing the smart thing, not that he loves Ruto W. It is politics man, not bizna.

  3. @ 7.52, You need your head checked.

  4. foolish pride and showing off..... he worships money.. they sacrifice human souls... where are all those dead souls going to???? washidwe

  5. Uhuru has become your enemy for not involving you in SGR.Wanjigi think and rethink.

  6. yes he is rich but big thieve.....baba bashing patnis and waiggurus tainted with corruption but support filthy corrupt wainjigi since sharing loot with him...naswa.....

  7. this guy is having automatic weapons most likely used to kill or what mutahi ngunyi say baba like cannibalizing supports.....and comes out from unker build with public coffers money.......he is super star to baba and rest of opposition due to hoey he is giving.....

  8. woman are known to like thieves and drug lords al over world since can be dumped any time for another frog....if things fall apart.
    by the way...do they look like they can do real bicycle riding for an hour...noooo

  9. not sure if that woman even kisses this man....by the way why he is wearing glasses always like weta...to hide soko mtu face....so glasses enhance faces......woiiiii

  10. all thieves ,drug lords and fake degrees and even primary school certificate are well represented by nasa lawyers and buddies of naswa principals /bootlickers/sycophants since are birds of same feathers....

  11. ehhhhhh this raira scheme and foreign god fathers in name of big nations are ones casing this problems in Kenya...from recruiting iebc official to marragaa ruling that was judicial coup...

  12. can mwizi ya kuku ama mbuzi hold a press conference attended by cnn and other......like this tenderthieve that cacaused deaths suffering to Kenyans due to his deeds.....and now has guns killing people and blame police...

  13. it is in public domain marragaa ,akombe, raira ,wanjiggi ,soros are axis of evil......but will fail to in their heinous plans ...mungu ako na WaKenya....na Uhuruto..

  14. when I grow up I would like to be like wanjiigii .....steal kill and hide in bunker and pay lawyers and judges to stop my arrest.....I will be supper man....

  15. mwizi ni mwizi kweli...and buys all journalists to attend his conference.....

    he shud rot in jail soon...and all he owe shud be forfeited to state.......dawa ya mwiziii

  16. jameni hawa si watu....ni mapepo. mashetani. their main work is to kill humans and drink human blood. waangamizwe wote kenya ni ya Mungu

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