This video of a KIKUYU man giving a LADY a dog’s beating will break your heart! UNYAMA

Tuesday, 17 October 2017 There is this heart-breaking video doing rounds on social media of a man beating a lady like a stray dog as people watched from a distance.

Apparently, the lady had conspired with thugs and robbed the man some valuables.

The man managed to get hold of the lady and decided to take the law into his own hands instead of involving the police.

The stomach-churning incident happened in Central Kenya.

Watch the video below.

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  1. Its sad but girls should know that not all men entertain nonsense from women and leave you just because you are a woman. Do not joke around with their hard earned money. Some men are very principled and won't pamper you when you cross their line. But all in all beating a weaker person is not okay.For the Man it's bad

  2. That fellow beating a woman like that is the worst idiot I have seen. it is really primitive to display such ignorance of law. Please do advise the lady to report this beastly act at the nearest police station and download this video as her evidence. This moron belongs to jail. He should rot there forever. How can he beat someone's daughter, wife, sister mother like a dog? He should fight with men if he feels strong. This criminal should not be allowed to live among the civilized citizens of our beloved country (Kenya).

  3. Before you insult that man just think; how human is stealing from a fellow human being? I would cave your front teeth in, then think of the nearest police station.

  4. hata hakajashapwa!
    you conspire & collaborate with thugs and expect mercy?
    Seriously, not me.....
    Despite that, I dont advocate for violence against women.
    Let the law take its cause!

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