This is what the international media has said about UHURU’s re-election – This is bad news for Jubilee

Friday October 27, 2017 - International media organizations have chastised Thursday’s presidential elections in Kenya, especially after the opposition boycotted the poll, resulting to a low or no voter turnout in most parts of the country.

President Uhuru Kenyatta, went ahead to participate in the election, alongside seven other presidential candidates, even after Opposition leader, Raila Odinga, asked his supporters to stay away from the polling stations, a call they heeded to.

In a publication titled "Kenyan president says he…

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  1. Today, a chopper on a service for the Kenyan killer government, crashed in Lake Nakuru killing all 5 Uhuru's lieutenants on the spot. Ten hours later, the same government hasn't availed the boats and diving equipments for rescue operation, because they don't have it. How then does this treacherous government made up of goons constantly, swiftly and easily manages to jump on our (Luo) backyards and commit the cold-blooded executions and heart-wrenching massacres against our people? Does it mean they have more bullets than safety equipments? This is a satanic, lethally armed organization featuring indoctrinated humans with fatally twisted sub-human personalities. It's not a government. They must be swept off the face of the earth in a speed of lightning! Finally my Luo brethren, mourn only with those who mourn with you!

  2. at last Uhuruto have last laugh ....huhu huhuhu huuh

  3. Jubilee needs to get house in order. Moses Kuria should stop those nightly meetings and meet international media houses. Where is Tuju ? He should be addressing the international media and confronting this propaganda from NASA or is it NRM. The killings and distruction perpetrated by NRM in Kawangware, Kibra not to mention Luo Nyanza must not go without mention. They have killed a man in Kibra for exercising his right to vote. That is how they care about Democracy...

  4. what the is about winner.
    the same created fear tthere will be civil war...and some kept sio chakula ama suruali lazima ufanya

  5. Woi...Foolish reasoning by frustrated worn out principals...of infomous goldenberg public coffer rip off
    Fact is that UHURURUTO had worn 8th August poll squarely since all freely trooped to poll station without threats....unlike repeat on 26th October...

    Drop in votes shows Uhuru did not win August polls - Mudavadi
    Oct. 28, 2017, 12:00 am

    National Resistance Movement leaders yesterday said the drop in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s votes from 8.3 million in the nullified August poll has exposed the IEBC’s election fraud.

    ANC leader and opposition presidential chief campaigner Musalia Mudavadi lauded NASA supporters for boycotting the Thursday election and “exposing the IEBC by proving Uhuru did not win”.

    Mudavadi said the low voter turnout, standing at about six million, is making it difficult for Uhuru to attain the 8.3 million votes he got to win against his archrival Raila Odinga.

    In August, the turnout stood at 14 million out of 19 million registered voters. Raila got 6.7 million votes.

    “The citizens have finally opened the servers that the IEBC refused to open. The boycott has shown that the so-called numbers and percentages that Jubilee and Uhuru Kenyatta have been talking about were all along fraudulent,” Mudavadi said.

    He spoke in Nairobi on Friday. Mudavadi was accompanied by Siaya Senator James Orengo and 15 opposition lawmakers.

    He said, “Uhuru lost the August election and has again lost this sham one in which he was basically running against himself.”

    Raila withdrew from the repeat presidential polls, leaving Uhuru with six other candidates after the IEBC failed to meet his 12-point electoral reforms demands for a credible election.

    Mudavadi told the IEBC and Jubilee to stop forcing residents in the four Nyanza counties of Homa Bay, Kisumu, Migori and Siaya to participate in the fresh polls on Saturday. The polls were postponed due to insecurity and resistance from voters. “We are asking the IEBC to call off the forced polls. The motive is clearly wicked...” Mudavadi said.

  6. Kwani must this uncircumcised luo be on the ballot?

  7. jaluos were excited when chopper went down now angry after realizing one of their own was pilot and now try to blame haverment for disaster management.......many die inlake victoria very year..due to use of old boats and techonology......this are some problems Kalonzo weta mdvd and raira must have come with solution in their combined 100yrs in gavament....but have nothing to show or development midomo na kundangaya jobless youth...

  8. Heavenly Father,

    We commit uhuruto and this regime. May you urgently deal with them for all the killing of the citizen of the republic of Kenya as you did during the old testament by them forcefully forcing them selves over the citizens of Kenya.

    Lord Jesus, we forgive them (uhuruto and those doing eveil under their directive to kill Kenyans not sharing the dreams and aspiration). Jesus, times as this we committee our nation and protection unto your hands and deliver our nation from uhuruto and his regime. May it be boldly done so that the whole world know that you live and authority come from you and not from Lucifer and wicked humans.

    We claim all this in Jesus Name with praises to GOD and may GOD be clarified in Jesus Name we pray and believe. Amen and Amen.

  9. By fuelling violence as a recipe for boycotting polls, Pharaoh and his army have just stepped into the red Sea.

  10. Uhuruto huyeee huyee...

  11. Raila should know that we are still waiting to reach cannan.kama umeshidwa utuambie.

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