AKOMBE finally reveals who exactly rigged RAILA ODINGA’s victory through a computer! SHOCKING

..in charge of a compact clique who rigged Raila Odinga in the last polls.

She further dismissed Chiloba’s temporary exit from the commission ahead of the polls saying his move to take leave will not guarantee free and fair elections.

“Chiloba’s leaving now, just days to the election, does not make any difference,” Akombe said.

NASA has been demanding for Chiloba’s exit claiming that he was responsible for the mess experienced during the election in which President Uhuru Kenyatta's victory was annulled due to illegalities and irregularities.


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  1. “Baba” says he was in regular and direct phone communications with her while at the commission, that makes her a really sad and rather pathetic character.

  2. If you are a true Kenyan you would have stayed and corrected all the bad things that were happening in the commission if there were any.
    if you are a patriotic kenyan immediately chiloba "rigged" the election you should have spoken out and not let all your lords in nasa go to supreme court or even have the president declared the winner.
    shame on you woman a mole who was just waiting to spend the tax payers money and then run away.
    you better shut up we know john soros and raila adviced you to resign so that you can go speak with your filthy mouth abroad.
    you are a traitor and you are part of the problems going on in kenya .
    shidwe may karma deal with you. As people die,economy declines,security etc becomes a problem you are in exile speaking at the top of your voice seeking publicity.
    shame on you !!!!!you are a mother,a sister, a relative a friend just like Kenyans you have left behind you should have thought about the country first and not about yourself.

  3. AKOMBE = TRAITER AND A MOLE FOR RAILA. She was used by Raila and its begining of her downfall. Atatupwa mbali and forgotten forever by her masters just like the fore skin of a circumcised man forgets his forskin after circucision forever.

  4. While revealing that he was in constant communication with the former IEBC commissioner, the Nasa leader said he had called her immediately she was detained at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport as she tried to leave the country after the August 8 polls.

    "We talked and she told me

  5. This idiot will soon be a nobody, that is how Raila demons works, use and dump in an abyss.

  6. Akombe you are the one who gave Chebukati the fake photocopied form 35C to sign and I believe the original 35C is ONLY one for the whole election process since it is kept at the IEBC Head Office. Akobe please tell Kenyans where you took the original form 35C and why did you hide it?

  7. Attention seeker, uso kama warthog

  8. Kumbe Joshua kinatoba tu? Kwani nyayo hakufinya kabisa

  9. Kenyans Please stop abusive language to your fellow kenyan, God will ask you to account for every word you have spoken.

  10. Akombe was working for NASA and she failed. She wanted to link Chiloba to Raila to "assist" him but Chiloba being a strict professional refused to be compromised and that is why she (Akombe) is talking too much. History will judge her very harshly. She will get ashamed on 26th October after Uhuru will be voted in overwhelmingly.

  11. Nyani haoni kudule

  12. Why do you make a lot of noise for no a parent reason? All what Akombe has spoken are nothing but the truth, even the chair Mr. Chebukati confirmed to Kenyans that as at now the IEBC cannot deliver free fair and credible election due to sharp division within the commission.At the same every Kenyan is a ware that Msando was murdered because of election, and therefore is it that all commissioners are constantly under threat.

  13. she is not a fellow kenyan.she is a sell-out

  14. there is no way this mutomoko face looking lady would have stayed in kenya after her evil things in cahoot with raiya raira were revealed....she will live to regret for being babus mole......and she will soon be begging for forgiveness...so asxto come back to kenya...

  15. can she reveal how much per diem she was given for dxb visit and cost of her return ticket........actualy return all public monies used for fake dxb tour

  16. one thing she miss is prop ya babu...after all she is hit and run as no one can take scrap to parents as wife...

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