AKOMBE drops another bomb from US; reveals all about IEBC servers and what CHILOBA did to RAILA!

Saturday October 21, 2017 - Embattled former IEBC Commissioner, Dr. Roselyne Akombe, has dropped another bombshell on what transpired during the August 8th General Election and the much talked about IEBC servers which the commission refused to open as demanded by National Super Alliance (NASA) and the Supreme Court.

Speaking from the US where she fled to after resigning from IEBC, Akombe claimed that IEBC CEO, Ezra Chiloba, who has since gone on a three week leave, misled the country and the commission about the servers, which NASA claimed contained evidence of...

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  1. wakenya wameoana mengi sana sana wale walipigania uhuru kwa msitu ....uyu mama amejipaka matpe akae kama kombe.....ni simo ya jizee

  2. ata atolee suruali mganga raira hawezi shinda hawezi shinda free and fair vote...ni kuhonga majaji...

  3. The treasury should demand a refund from this lady. She cheated her way into govt employment, then took money and per diem to Dubai for an assignment which she never completed. She should return all govt property and refund all money paid into her account.

  4. Akombe has an infatuation with Chiloba. When the commission was announcing the results of 8th August, live on Tele she was talking how handsome he is and ladies should keep away.

  5. she should be quickly deported for clearance with employer. otherwise she is a dangerous spy can spy america and run to north korea

  6. how comes americans are welcoming such a betrayer!!!!!!

  7. she has dropped ngotha for who to taste vitu za ovyo..

  8. Raila and Maraga are enemies of Kenya.
    =Raila...he has no numbers to defeat Uhuru yet his followers are stupid enough to believe that they can win.First they dont turn up to vote, how do you expect to win if your followers dont turn up in large numbers to vote.
    =Maraga...like a typical Kisii just like Matiangi looks for fame by doing what they think is just without factoring in all variables. God gives people wisdom, i doubt you applied some...
    =Uncle sam/Wanjigi...You acquired your Muthaiga home illegally spent your cash on Rao, now you want to be paid

  9. AKOMBE you are a traitor . What you are talking about is nonsense. Why didnt u bring up all these things you are saying before the 8th August elections. U cry in radio studios coz USA and EU never intervened. Kenya is for Kenyans. You left your workmates and fled away to save your skin. Everyone trusted u to work for the good of Kenyans. I wonder how you work in those global institutions . If you are looking for fame my dear u just messed yourself and your CV. We need no traitors but Mashujaa to mould Kenya to be a better Kenya. U had a chance to u blew it. Kaa huko USA. U will miss your motherland one day.

  10. Anonymous 22 October 2017 at 04:26 it makes so much sense. Cheers

  11. Akatombwe amepelekea niggers wa Harlem kunye! Takataka ghasia kuma mtarooo hatutaki huku! COCKSUCKING BITCH with A SHITTY STINKY-ASSHOLE!
    ....arudishwe Majengo alikoanzia kuuza changaa na mkundu!

  12. Akombe is right n we true Kenyans needs pwole she to save Kenya.intact she is 100% right to what she talking of. May God bless this true Kenyans who will save Kenya from where it is....

  13. after all her head resembles kobe.....tortoise.....most likely she think like it too..

  14. phd za ujinga na umaskini ni za ovyo....hell yea akombe mwitu

  15. ukiona huyo weka tyre......sio mwingine ni tortoise...

  16. kuna wazimu anaweza lamba io kitu ya akombe....kweli watu wamerogwa ama wako njela kwa akili..

  17. she is only smiling now...in nextfew months itakuwa kulia arudi kenya.
    First she shud stop using Kenta citizenship to acquire those sillyxbank moon jobs...she shud be now local in Ny since has unvke sam papers .. ..

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