UHURU’s lawyer AHMEDNASSIR ABDULLAHI attacked after insulting Supreme Court judges.

Friday, September 01, 2017- Lawyer Ahmednassir Abdullahi has taken to twitter to rant and criticize the Supreme Court decision to nullify president Uhuru’s re-election.

Grand Mullah, as he is referred to in corridors of power, was among the team of counsels defending Uhuru’s election.

However, some of his tweets did not go down well with a section of Kenyans who felt that he had disrespected the judges.

See some of the tweets below and people’s reaction.
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  1. Maraga should have considered that it is Moi who Chopped off Rao's Balls not Uhuru

  2. These Judges also Voted but their Candidate lost, Maraga tibim

  3. Jubilee with Numerical strength in both Houses must STARVE the Judiciary till they tore to line .......

  4. Scientists insist the Older You become the tougher the 4skin becomes

  5. There was no legal basis for the overturn, it is purely DICHOTOMY PRESENCE in favor of NASA period. NO PROFESSIONALISM AT ALL. MARAGA INTEGRITY ON THIS ONE IS PROFESSIONALLY IN QUESTION.

  6. admin scrutinize some passages before sending them in this forum.

  7. whether you hurl insults its useless the rulling just passed.

  8. me i think david "d" secession threat is real,kenyans dont just ignore him hes not a and man . Dont even forget aladwas message-that for raila to rule kenya damu kiasi must be shed.Only prayers and God's mercies will save kenya.I pray kenya will not end up as north and south korea! Prof Mwamaka

  9. Grand Mulla spot on. Now how can Kenyans expect justice when there is such blatant miscarriage of justice in the top most court and the CJ is party to it ? Overturning democratic vote is a big NO !!!!

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