This is RAILA’S mole inside the IEBC who leaked real results on IEBC servers that showed BABA had won

Sunday September 3, 2017-Before the declaration of the disputed Presidential results by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) that was invalidated by the Supreme Court on Friday, controversial political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi had alleged that NASA leader Raila Odinga had a mole inside the commission who was doing everything to install him as President through backdoor.

The same mole allegedly leaked all the crucial information that was contained in the IEBC server which showed that Raila had won and not Uhuru; information that played a role in the overturning of Uhuru’s win.

Ngunyi, however, did not disclose the identity of the NASA mole in question then but it has now emerged that the mole was none other than the commission’s Chairman Wafula Chebukati.

After the Supreme Court ruling that annulled the election of President Uhuru Kenyatta, Chebukati came out to absolve himself from the blame over the bungled polls; instead he blamed CEO Ezra Chiloba and some IT officials for allegedly colluding with Uhuru’s Jubilee to rig the elections.

The IEBC chair also invited the DCI and DPP to investigate and arrest all those who were involved in rigging Raila Odinga.


  1. Activist judges sending whole country to the dogs. This judgement must be sent to top lay schools to score it. A measly E indeed. The CJ has never presided over any tangible court. No assignment outside the Kenyan judiciary. Very poor selection for CJ. He has made Kenya an international laughing stock. Big shame

  2. Stop your cheap lies. Raila had not won anything. The information from the servers being demanded by computer-illiteate Maraga had nothing useful to contradict the numbers on Forms 34As. Uhuru won and he will win again and Maraga will not have the balls the cancel the victory a second time

  3. Uhuru,let the entire IEBC go home.!These are the guys who have failed you NOT maraga.To be sincere maraga just went by the law books-were there irregularities or not? They were there,simple.Who caused them ? chebukaki and chiloba! Are they qualified-yani did they understand their roles and duties? How can we rule they were not working together with raila to ensure they failed you on technicalities? Hakuna mutu wa jubilee anaona hivyo--someni kitabu inaitwa-if tomorrow ever comes-by john Grishanan.Me i stopped trusting anyone long time ago, i treat everyone with suspicion! Prof Mwamaka.

  4. I believe Ngunyi and agree with Mwamaka.Somebody could have deliberately made mistakes to ensure Uhurus win is nullified.Suddenly NASA wants Chiloba to go but not Chebukati. Why? Kikulacho ki nguoni mwako.

  5. NASA we will still loose come Oct 17. Its simple maths. 1.we dont have the numbers 2. our supporters do not turn up in large numbers to vote.

  6. They put him on the cross in a hurry as sabbath was just about to begin.
    How do you nullify a process that took more than two years in 10 days
    Kenyans only know of an event called Election Day

  7. Just like the Romans had done they put him on the cross in a hurry as sabbath was just about to begin.
    How do you nullify a process that took more than two years in only 10 days
    Kenyans only know of an event called Election Day

  8. Kinungi momy may buy that..go tell momy

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