Tanzanian preacher reveals Kenya’s next President after repeat polls & leaves many in tears (VIDEO)

..God is not angry with Raila saying that he had proven this by giving the NASA leader immense wealth and riches.

Bukuku also predicted peace after the polls saying there will be no violence after the election.

Watch the video below;-


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  1. Bukuku there you missed one point,God is NOT happy with raila for his part in 1982 coup and 2007/8 pev(no raila no peace) that saw so many kenyans die plus many other evils like calling some kenyans kupe and asking some communities to kick out "foreign " communities .Prof Mwamaka

  2. JESUS CHRIST had twelve deciples. None of this twelve decipies was a woman for obvious reasons. You cant lie to Kenyans. Maybe you are delilah. I think you should concentrate on winning souls to JESUS for the sake of your salvation.

  3. amen. now i know God has spoken coz i found myself meditation on how raila has been an mp for yrs and also a PM at one time. yes, kenya 'imemlipa'.

  4. Is she a voter in Kenya?

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