RAILA beat UHURU badly on August 8th - MIGUNA MIGUNA drops a bomb as he finally joins NASA

...what Jubilee is doing.

He noted that it is evident from the manner President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy, William Ruto, have apparently panicked that they lost to Raila during the August 8th polls.

“When you see an ILLEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT hold demonstrations against the Judiciary - an arm of Government - know that it has SURRENDERED,” Miguna stated on Twitter.

“Based on the unprecedented panic that Uhuru and Ruto have exhibited, I believe that Raila Odinga won on August 8th,” he added.


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  1. So Jubilee supporter had to keep quiet and watch as they are being tarnished because they are the Government .Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Miguna Miguna has been an independent candidate all along since he exited ODM years back. After a bombastic and chest thumping campaign which characterized by name calling of various opponents he was facing in his bid for the governor's job for the Nairobi county. He has trashed everyone else except himself. As such, the voters have in their wisdom realized their next governor can not be Miguna Miguna for reasons they know best. As a result of Miguna Miguna's injuries he can not see how Sonko a Jubilee kid in politics could beat him rendering him completely irrelevant in the Nairobi politics. His only option for political survival is to remain relevant and to do so he has to return to NASA at zero option. He has to swallow his pride and kneel at baba's feet to get him a job and role in NASA. Baba will of course take Miguna Miguna back use him and then damp him later when he is desperate.
    I feel this fellow is not as macho as he pretends to be. I can see him trying to be an MCA next in 2022.

  3. Shameless loser ...how many votes did u get what are u taking to naswa

  4. The only thing he will take to Canaan is 'kizungu nyingi', nothing more and nothing less. Kura ni moja tu.

  5. no wonder you were beaten like a brukenge in kisumu by your fellow luos,me i was at the demonstration-am i serikali,Jackton ojwang-a luo ruled in uhurus favour is he serkali? Kumbafu bure kabisa! Prof mwamaka

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