OTIENDE AMOLO deconstructs Jubilee - Reveals what NIS is doing to finish Supreme Court judges

..two judges had secret phone calls with NASA lawyers before the nullification of Uhuru’s win.

However, speaking during an interview, Otiende Amolo revealed that the petitioner is a NIS agent being used to intimidate judges.

He noted that only the NIS has access to private conversations of individuals and not any Tom, Dick and Harry.

“The petition against Mwilu and Lenaola is NIS scheme to threaten Supreme Court judges to remove sting in the judgment that nullified Uhuru’s win,” Amolo said.


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  1. Omoro whatever your name is , if you are looking for the truth of any matter you can go to any strength...what is the problem here as a lawyer you mean the truth should not be told so that is good if is done on you way .We believe in God and the same God can use even a child for the light to come out ...so come down.

  2. So otiende is admitting that such meetings between NASA lawyers and the DCJ and Justice Lenaola indeed took place. Whether the information comes from NSIS or not, that is immaterial. What is important is that there is evidence that the judges were compromised. And by the way, what is the work of NSIS. To spy on clandestine activities and save the country from going into chaos.

  3. Did the two judges do what they are accused off? That is the question.

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