You were sent to BONDO at 3.50 PM on Wednesday- CIKU MUIRURI tells RAILA to concede defeat.

This election was a wrap at 3:50pm yesterday. Uhuru Kenyatta had at that time, 7,930,242 votes. His opponent, Raila Odinga had 6,529, 158. The total number counted polling stations was 39, 159 meaning that a balance of 1,724 were yet to be declared. 

Legally, the maximum number of voters per polling station is 700 voters meaning that the maximum number of uncounted votes available (as at 3:50pm) was 1,206,800. Assuming RAO got every remaining vote, which is all but impossible, he would have a total of 7,735,958. 

The total number of votes that could be cast, adding together all valid votes counted as at 3:50pm plus the maximum possible uncounted figure of 1,206,800 is 15, 794,318. 

50% +1 of this total is 7,898,738. Accordingly, UK had already passed the constitutional threshold by 31, 504 (again as at 3:50pm) and therefore it was mathematically impossible for RAO to catch him. The figures as they stand this afternoon are even higher. UK is at 8,081, 926 and RAO at 6,673,028. 

This election can therefore be called in favour of Uhuru Kenyatta, at least by the media. International observers have stood by the integrity of the process. I'd like to see RAO be a statesman about it and concede. To all his supporters, it was a spirited campaign, well fought. Now can we all go back to work?

Former Classic FM’s Presenter CIKU MUIRURI.


  1. I agree and the early attempts to discredit the results with fake hacking claims have been proven to fictitious and a desperate attempt to undermine the will of the people of Kenya. Please see and, sample a few polling stations and compare the scanned copies with the portal. NASA safari hii just concede. The defeat at the ballot is clear.

  2. This so called NASA now call a press statement and contradict themselves.

    They say that the results they have show Raila is the winner and IEBC should declare him as so. My first question is, the votes are still being counted, where did they get their final figure? They began making this allegation as early as Tuesday mi-day while voting was still ongoing. How is this possible?

    Then they say the results have been compromised and they have real results from the system. Which system? They state they cannot disclose the source because of what happened to msando but it is from an IEBC official. My second question is, now that they have the information, what makes them more protected than the individual that gave them the information? if at all it is authentic?

    My third question, are they ready to nullify the other candidates from NASA who have been issued certificates? Since if the process is flawed, it cannot just be the presidential, it is the whole process?

    My fourth question, NASA had agents in the polling stations. What was the work of these agents or did they not do their work?

    My fifth question, does the constitution allow NASA to have a separate tallying center as they claim to have? Isn't this illegal? What would have been the source of their raw data to enable them come up with their results?

    My final question to NASA, forget the system and the hacking. If indeed the form 34a is correct as has been signed by your agents in the presence of the other presidential agents, what exactly is your issue? Let's go back to the raw data that fed into the system. If your agents have signed it as being correct,what is your issue?

  3. Good questions Mr or Ms anonymous! You sound logical and legal:)

  4. NASA's issue is denial. They are sooooooo shocked by the defeat in the polls that to them it's a bad dream. a nightmare.

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