UHURU/ RUTO will answer for the death of CHRIS MUSANDO – RAILA insists (PICs from his burial)

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  1. the president holds I kid you do the same,he wears a stripped t-shirt you do the same,you followed him during the campaign season.baba jomo is your role model hahahahah .

    I feel you baba I feel you but be honourable and retire peacefully.
    you need some rest after 35 years in government and apart from destabilising the governments and being hungry of power, to an extent of overthrowing the moi's government you have done nothing for this country.
    just take a chill pill and relax you are now a spent cartridge.
    you deserve rest and a time to reflect on the evils for you have done for this country.
    I feel you baba, I feel you !!

  2. The only difference is that while Uhuru attends church, you rush to funerals

  3. One thing we all know including the above two people is that Raila has done as grwat.Without him you would not be enjoying democracy now.For some ungreatful lot he was only a hero when he aaid Kibaki tosha.Friend kila kitu kina mwisho...a time is coming when you'll also be out of power.Pride becomes a fall.

  4. rao kweli ako na mambo...sasa alijua aje chris alikuwa anaitishwa password?

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