This tribute to six month old, baby Samantha, killed by Police in Kisumu will make you cry.

...scent of Sunlight soap, Pampers and Arimis her pillow for the night and her handkerchief. She curled into a fetal position as her shoulders shook violently. She was weeping. Papa lay by her side, trying to be strong and to comfort her. He has his own pain to deal with. The pain of a father unable to protect his child from harm. My parents have been left broken. My only crime – born in the wrong town. I was pronounced guilty at birth.

As I lay in hospital fighting for a chance to be back in my mama’s arms, to relieve her aching breasts that were now full of milk, I observed the apathy on these social media streets. There is a lot amongst you that were indifferent. Indifferent because your families were safe at home. You binged on Game of Thrones while your little ones enjoyed the time of their lives on the iPads. Once in a while you switched to news channels and caught the ending of a press conference by the CS Internal Security. 

"Police had only dealt with looters", he said.You knew better but did not allow your brain to dwell on it for more than two seconds. There is more to life than such news. You belong to #teamYOLO. You have already missed out on your strawberry lemonade and chicken, cheese on toasted brown bread sandwiches from Java, 1824 has been calling out your name. It misses you. You throw in statements like,”Why cant Raila come out and address his people so they can stop rioting?”

It is lost on you that I didn’t even know Raila. Two weeks ago mama had started feeding me mashed meals. My tastebuds had just discovered matoke and butternut. Now mama is left with my green feeding bowl empty. She stares as it but is not really looking at it. She replays the events that led me to this place. My papa’s and mama’s lives are now a nightmare that they can never wake up from. I was sacrificed at the altar of apathy.

My name is Samantha Pendo. Kenya is not my home. It never was. Heaven is. My papa and mama are broken…..


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  1. to the Autjhor God bless syou may she finds peace in Gods arm and may her parents get comfort from the almighty God. Rest in peace baby SAMANTHA PENDO

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