This is exactly what NASA will access inside the IEBC servers - UHURU is going home like it or not

-All IEBC servers at its disposal

-Firewalls without the passwords

-The passwords

-Systems user types

-IEBC ICT redundancy plan

-Certified copies of the penetration tests conducted by the commission prior to, and during the August 8 elections

-Specific GPRS location of Kenya integrated election management systems (KIEMS)

-Certified copies of all KIEMS kits

-Polling stations KIEMS kits allocation

-Technical agreements signed between the commission and service providers

-Logging in trail of KIEMS users

-Logging in trail of IEBC servers

-Original copies of forms 34A, 34B and 34C prepared at the polling station and transmitted to the national tallying centre

-Reading devices to distinguish the authenticity of the all documents they will be offered


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  1. So that will send Uhuru home?

  2. Honestly.... I don't know why am laughing

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