This conversation between PLO LUMUMBA and MAMA MBOGA will make your day. Eh! Eh!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017 - PLO mesmerized Kenyans with pompous English laced with legal mumbo jumbo while making his submission in the presidential petition.

Ever wondered how the good professor of law communicates with the hoi polloi?

Well this will give you a clue.

PLO LUMUMBA went to Chiro Mbero market..

PLO: I hereby submit to you my Lady, that you subject to my possession unfettered access to Brassica oleracea or any other of ejusdem generis that is annihilated into small strips and valued at Kenya Shillings 20, especially those that look fresh at prima facie.

MAMA MBOGA: Jameni sijaelewa.

PLO: Wahenga hawakutupaka mafuta mgongoni waliponoga ya kwamba chelewa chelewa utapata mwana si wako. Naomba unielewe kama vile Mwelusi alivyomuelewa Bokono katika kitabu cha...

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