This conversation between PLO LUMUMBA and MAMA MBOGA will make your day. Eh! Eh!

..Kifo Kisimani kwasababu wachuuzi wako wengi. Nimesema eti unipe mboga ya sukuma wiki ya shilingi ishirini ambayo imekatwa.

MAMA MBOGA: Ooh sawasawa.

PLO: I have noticed without fear of contradiction that you have packed it in a material that is hazardous to the environment and that goes against the tenets of the new law. Is it remotely possible that you house it in biodegradable abode?

MAMA MBOGA: Iwacho nang’o?

PLO: I assume you have not yet been acquainted with the proclamation by environmental authorities on matters against polythene use. Therefore, i beseech you, that in the fullness of time, you desist from characterizing my persona as an adversary of the environment by virtue of the packaging that you will use in the near future with me as a client.

MAMA MBOGA: Sijaelewa kitu lakini sawa. Shika change yako.

PLO LUMUMBA: You may assume ownership of the balance of my debit. I beg to take my leave. My stomach has tabled hard evidence at the supreme court of my teeth, that it needs nutricious lubrication sooner than later. Who am i to ignore ubi jus ibi remedium and sacrifice my hunger pangs at the alter of time?

By  Jaduong’

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