See what MSANDO’s widow, EVA, told his copse during burial that has scared even UHURU/ RUTO

..sort out all those who had a hand in his death.

She also asked his spirit to hunt down those who did the actual killing.

She told his spirit to ensure those who killed him also suffer immense pain before dying just like they did to him.

“Kill them all my beloved husband and friend and do it soon.”

“They killed you in pain and now it is their turn, sort them out one by one,” Eva told Msando’s corpse.


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  1. Hahahahaha. Were you there? Muchene mingi. But then Hunya and Arap Kipindupindu were already targets of Jacob Juma's ghost. They will suffer the way Chris and Juma suffered. More suffering than they have caused.

  2. So admin what are you insinuating, wewe ni fala nautazidi kuwa hivyo for the rest of your life??


  4. Which witchcraft????? That is a curse and it could be a generation curse.

  5. Siku za muuwaji ni arubaini. Watch this space

  6. whoever killed msando he witchcraft himself, remember what God did to Cain, msando's blood has reached God, bereaved wife take heart, God will avenge. God is watching, don't doubt what you say.

  7. Joshua had taken witchcraft there useless kijizee

  8. A second thought,what if the killer was the boyfriend of Musandos side chick.Love triangle i mean.

  9. Those castigating the wife to msando are living in denial. Wacheni mchezo.... I wish this was my relative....

  10. I can imagine the pain Msado's wife is going through. May she receive the Prince of peace, Jesus Christ as her Saviour right NOW at this trying time. And you know what? Jesus can give her this peace, after which at least instead of cursing, she will be able to forgive. I know and know it is hard, but I hear God asking........."Is anything too hard for the Lord?" Absolutely nothing!!!. You know cursing implies unforgiveness, and this is very tragic. Am talking about spiritual matters here.

  11. oooh i can really feel in her pain.may our good LORD give peace of mind and be her closer comforter.pole sana Eva msando.

  12. Mathew 6:12;Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.yes its so hard and painful to be left a widow with fatherless children at such tender age, but please give a place to Jesus and let His blood speak louder than that of Msando.Receive the everlasting peace of God.

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