RAILA ODINGA begs MARAGA for more time - 14 days is not enough to overturn UHURU/ RUTO’s win

Tuesday August 29, 2017 - National Super Alliance (NASA) has complained of not being sufficient the 14 days allocated for the hearing and determination of a Presidential petition.

Through his lawyer, Okong’o Omogeni, Raila called on the Supreme Court to review upward the period allocated for the Presidential petition to allow the petitioner to gather more evidence and present a water tight case.

This comes even as it emerged that Raila Odinga lost his...

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  1. Aaaaah, this Raila Man! What put it into him that everything in Kenya must move at his behest? What an ego!Why does he think he is Kenya and Kenyans?
    Why is presidency so important to him at the expense of everything else! When he and his men keep threatening Kenya will burn if he is not president, does this really show how much he cares for Kenya and Kenyans or just him and his unreasonable ambitions!He has fought for rights, a good thing but his motives have always been wrong and selfish. This is as clear as the light of day.
    What makes him think he is the best president Kenya can ever have, yet there is so much dictatorship and iron fistedness* in his parties! There is so much tribalism and tribal hate within him, cronyism,nepotism and all other isms in his soul. And now, secession for central Kenya to to be "Landlocked" as punishment for not bending low/lying low to the ambitions and interests of the god of Kenya and making him lose presidency all the time because of their numbers.
    Let Raila Ndii and the likes know this, whether it is Kikuyu candidate or not,Mt. Kenya people will always elect a candidate of their preference, particularly one that can protect them from all the threats and the hate that Raila has preached to other ethnic communities against them over the decades.
    Let Raila know that even the International community now knows he stands for nothing, nobody but himself. He is a master of evil propaganda, hatred, sabotage,and violence for his names sake. He as well loves impoverished masses for his manipulation and can walk over Kenyans dead bodies to presidency. He is monstrous.

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