Rags to riches! GITHERI MAN gets a lawyer and manager as money starts trickling in .

..help him make more money and cut deals.

The team will help him exploit business opportunities.

He has a manager and a lawyer to handle business.

Veteran sh0wbiz promoter, Chris Kirwa, has decided to manage his talent.

 All the cheques are written in his name and they are all going to his personal account.”

“I have made a career out of giving people a platform to achieve their dreams; it’s what gets me out of bed every morning,” Kirwa said.

Some of the corporate companies that have already jumped onto the “Githeri Man” bandwagon include Bonfire Adventures, UserName, Big Square Kenya, designer NaneuLeshan, Safaricom and Maisha Flour Meals.

He is expected to get more lucrative deals with corporate companies.


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  1. Vanity. Atakula hizo nguo mpya. Kenyans are very materialistic.

  2. Thank you Kirwa. We pray that nobody exploits 'Githeri man' WHEN GOD'S FAVOUR LOCATED HIM FROM HIS HIDDEN PLACES FOR REASONS GOD KNOWS BEST. It is commendable that all cheques will go by his name but also wish he is not manipulated and intimidated by managers to wwithdraw the bulk for them under threats that they will not help him further.I know managers who stress celebrities so much by intimidating them,'You will be on your own we see how far you can go". So Kirwa, we are watching.
    The guy should be helped in making sound investment decisions as well.

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