Radio presenter JALANG’O tells viral ‘Githeri man’ the ugly truth about Kenyans.

..tensions were at 102 degrees and rising , I would log in the IEBC portal to see how my preferred candidates were fairing on and I would be sad or happy but seeing your photos with Trump,Obama,Kanye and many more whom you were photoshopped with I smiled and laughed!

Now back to my letter, Githeriman you are not special neither did you do anything special but you are what I call a “Kenyan Moment “! A Kenyan moment is that moment where Kenyans come together to celebrate nothing, be happy about nothing and anything! A few examples are ” Nikama drama ni Kama Vindeo” “Kifi kifi ” bwana yangu ameenda na maji ” and many more…maybe readers will remind me of others in their comments! All of them are gone and forgotten! So people forget Kenyan moments and life goes on!

They will soon forget you and move on! I hear people saying that there are people taking advantage of you and exploiting you, don’t listen to them but make the best out of it now, take everything you are being offered, eat everything, collect everything, accept everything before they forget you!

The same people saying these things have not offered you anything and will not! Soon and very soon as early as next week nobody will be talking about you because the brand Getheriman cannot stand beyond 1 month! Make sure that your team keeps tabs on everything everyone is offering you so that they can hold them accountable to deliver their promises before they forget you and their promises! I have seen a few good people around you the likes of Chris Kirwa, keep him close!

For now enjoy the moment and if possible reach out to the young man who took your photo because without him you would still be in Kayole eating your githeri! 

Yours Trully


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