Pastor angers Kenyans as he reveals shocking things RAILA has done to his ‘dying’ daughter, ROSEMARY

...proposal by NASA strategist, David Ndii, to split Kenya into two for Kikuyus and Luos to have separate countries now that Kikuyus don’t want to relinquish power to the lakeside people.

According to Pastor Migwi, Raila does not care about his daughter.

He added that neither does he care even for the Luos and should not be allowed to split Kenya for his own selfish gain.

Raila should not be allowed to go down with Kenya, he may not care about his family and relatives or even Luos #where is Rosemary Odinga?''Pastor Migwi's post read in part.


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  1. Wigwi like many other Kikuyus are tribal chauvinists that belies they are the only people; all others should remain their slaves.
    The marriage must be over; we are ready to liberate ourselves even by our own blood. Watch this pace. Kenya fought for their independence; we must fight for ours from this black colonialists.

  2. Nyumba ya wenyewe muwachane nayo. Ata Bibilia ina sema hivyo.
    Pastor bandia.

  3. Ati fight for independence fro kikuyus?

  4. even in the unlikely event of Kenya splitting what makes raila think he will be the president of the "other" Kenya. Big fool. Even in the "other" Kenya he will still loose 10 times. Even if the presidency was rotational, all other tribes would produce president before jaluos can produce one. 44(tribes)X 10(2 term)= 440 years this is how long jaluos will take to produce their 1st president in "any" of Kenya. some times shortcuts are the longest route. jaluo tuliza ball and utelize DEVOLUTION to the best of your ability and develop your region bila kuzingizia wakikuyu. kubaf fish heads.

  5. Secession is not a bad idea after all. We can by build an advanced society and leave behind the corrupted blood. I know they have made us the most corrupt country that is not at war.

  6. Pastor gani wewe unatumia uchawi ndio upate wafuasi. kwenda huko, si hata wewe umetoa jamaa yako kwa lucifer.

  7. All comments here are just nonsense. You just rant and vent but remember that its another thing to carry out a threat.

  8. The blood was shed once, why twice?

  9. Raila has to recognize that even his 'strongholds' voted significantly for Uhuru. He fought for democracy in this country and is liable to fully adhere to it. The people spoke. He refuses to acknowledge it and now he wants us to fight?? To what end? Will fighting get me a job? Buy me the assets I want?

    Watu wanafaa kutumia akili! You don't have a head just so you can look taller!!

    Refuse to fight! Kama anataka sana kupigana aende na uko! Nkt!

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