IEBC now confirms ‘UHURU’s hackers’ attempted to infiltrate its servers to rig elections

Thursday August 10, 2017-The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has vindicated former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s claims that Jubilee hackers hacked the IEBC servers to manipulate the results to ensure President Uhuru Kenyatta won the election.

Addressing the media, Yakub Guliye, the IEBC Commissioner in charge of ICT said the hackers whom he did not mention attempted to infiltrate the system.

However, he maintained that the hackers did not succeed in their nefarious plot to enter the IEBC system. He noted that the system was intact and no one gained access to it.

“We have seen attempts by some people to hack into our system but they did not succeed because we invested heavily in our surveillance system. Attempts were made but there is no evidence that the hackers succeeded in hacking the IEBC’s result transmission system,” Guliye said.


  1. And who said they are Uhuru hackers and not Raila's?

  2. daily post please you should know that hackers can come from all sides so why mention uhuru. ata raila has hackers. thats why iebc just mentioned hackers not stating from which side.

  3. From the scanned results of form 34 A AT and the transmitted results at Uhuru Kenyatta is President fair and square. Hii ingine ni Porojo na FITINA.

  4. The hackers know themselves thats why they still know even by who

  5. Si Kila mtu alidrop out standard eight kama editors wenu.Raila hacked a sql database na ya iebc ni oracle. Poleni tena

  6. Si Kila mtu alidrop out standard eight kama editors wenu.Raila hacked a sql database na ya iebc ni oracle. Poleni tena

  7. Not every one is a standard eight drop out and a retard. NASA hacked an sql database in Railas bedroom!!!!

  8. how does Hacking and surveillance system come in . those are 2 different things .....

  9. Admin wewe ni fala na takufa kwa ujinga where did you get that they were Uhuru hackers?? when are you guys going to let go hii ujinga, you asked for so much which was given to you now you have your tallying station kwenda gishagi.

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