How Naivas Super-Market is stealing from unsuspecting customers- LADY shares evidence (PHOTOs)

Friday, August 4, 2017-One of the Naivas Super-Market branches has been put on the spot.

According to this lady, when you shop at Naivas Super-Market, Westlands, the price that is written on the shelf is not the same with that in the counter.

She noticed this, posted photos as evidence and alerted Kenyans.

Check this out.


  1. this is very much true.even at Naivas Green find at the shelf the price of milk is 47 ukifika kwa Till ni 52

  2. This is a problem with many supermarkets and they all give the blame on "The System "that is not a consumer or customer problem we should all be vigilant in all supermarkets and get the price displayed or ask for your money back and buy somewhere else these places need to get their act together because if you steal something of that extra that you pay the court will find you guilty thus they are guilty of stealing from you .

  3. That is only VAT my dear........hautaki kulipa ushuru nini?

  4. Check the grams! The receipt reads 400g while the one on the counter is 325g

  5. The grams on the receipt and on the shelf are different. 400g and 325g respectively!


  7. VAT is included in all items prices boss wacha ujinga

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